My first Doggie volunteer assignment!

I am so excited! Remember when I said I was going for different volunteering opportunities. Well I only managed to do one. Which was the translating one that I had put the link on one of my post.

Unfortunately I couldn’t continue because I don’t have a computer or laptop. They require for the articles to be submitted at a certain time frame and on a word document. Well the library opens here way to late since the website administrators are on Central Time versus Pacific time. So I had to tell them I could no longer do it.

So I have been searching, and I submitted two more opportunities and only one replied back.

They are called Ace of Hearts Dog Rescue! They need people to take the dogs to appointments and for the volunteers to go on house inspections to see if the families or person meet the requirement to be able to adopt the dogs.

Well I filled out my waiver and application and I got first assignment! I will be inspecting a potential home for one of the sheltered dogs! Hubby printed out the paperwork that I need to take with me.

I’m so nervous! I’ve never done something like this before. Who knows maybe this is something I can do more often if they have the schedule that fits my time frame.

Wish me luck!

Until Next Time,

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