To A New Year of Writing

Here I am again and I want to say. Thank you to everyone that supported me. The ladies that gave me beautiful advice and to my husband. I love writing, I might not be an expert at it, I don’t have any educational background on it (unless you count grade school).

This is where I belong and I truly believe this is where I can be my true self. I don’t hide behind screens, I never did that and never will. I do though love expressing myself in words. I have a knack to express my thoughts more clearly in writing then when I try verbally.

I can’t hide in the closet forever. I can’t worry how other people might take my words, or how they will use them. My husband doesn’t read my blog but I do sometimes read him a few post. Does it mean I will be having him more involve… NO. Why? Because this is my blog, this is my “alone time.” He understands that so why should I stop.

So yes dear followers, I will continue this blog. I will still write to my hearts content. I can’t be afraid anymore and I’m done being afraid. I love writing and it seems that writing loves me. I will not lose my passion again.

So I bid you all a good night and I look forward to filling up my blog with more words that come within my heart, mind and soul.

Until Next Time,



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