Music, My Therapy is coming back!!

Music has always been apart of my life. I have songs that I literally have family memories with. Like Mana ( a spanish rock group) my older sister loves them!! She used to scream every time they were played on the radio or tv.. Annoying but they had beautiful reasons.

Luis Miguel ( Spanish romantic singer), for my quinceañera ( sweet 15), the bands singer sang me a song “La Mieda Vuelta”. Till this day it puts a smile to my face.

There are many songs English and Spanish that I have fond memories. Every Friday we would put a small disco ball I. The living and party!! Lol of course it was just my parents, sisters and but to is we had a party.

My mom always told us that music is a form of therapy.. When your down, sad or going threw anything it will heal you.. I never knew how right she was..

Unfortunately the TRASH that is passing as music is ruining it for me! I mean common you literally here sex noises now! Really!!

I mean trust me I dance to the Ying Yang twins, Usher, and in between, but I never heard that type of music in Spanish!

But today I got another shock.. I have been driving around today so I have been blasting the radio and it seems that good music is coming back! Not only is it WAY more respectable ( no more sex noises) but they also seem to have actual deep messages (and these aren’t the religious channels!).

Well I guess the time we go threw the window or drop it like its hot are gone. I never learned how to shake my tail feather and Lord knows I tried, but I did wear those boots with the furs and apple bottom jeans!!

Until Next Time,

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