5 Essentials For Writers While Travelling

Love this.. I think next time I go do my errands I’ll try this.

Susan Wingate

Old_Alaska_Airlines_logo_on_a_DC-3_(6194350906)I’m travelling this weekend, 2,000 miles south from where I now live. It’s not what I would call a happy trip although I’ll be seeing people who will make me happy just by seeing them–my sister, a girlfriend from times past, and my aunt who I feel is like a second mother to me. We grew up with her sons who were like the brothers my parents didn’t have. I remember these times with fondness and ennui. One of my “brothers” died years ago and my aunt is ill and this may be the last time I see her. So it goes…

But this post isn’t about why I’m travelling, it’s about how to travel… as an author.

I cannot impress to you enough, and above all else over clothing, food, or funds, take something handy to write on. Whether your writing equipment is your peripheral (smartphone, iPad, or other) or…

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