My Writing, and some new news

I know my writing has not been on here as often. Right now I feel very emotional and when I’m emotional I write things that layer I might regret.

So right now I am using my journal (paper type) to write what I’m feeling. Maybe later on that will be used as an inspiration for my poetry or story.

Life right now for my husband is a roller coaster with work and other issues. He needs me and right now I have to be there even if it’s just to give him a hug.

I am his rock and he is mine, I’m sure all of you can understand that.

There is another platform that I went into and if you wish to follow it email me directly. I will be linking up this blog to that platform but I will also be writing and posting different type of things… I guess you can say it will be more personal than this..

Yeah I know I have put on here some personal articles but trust me it’s not as personal as this one will be.

I have Twitter and I have this, and these two platforms I want it to be focus on writing only. This other one will be featuring my writing of course but also more personal thoughts and maybe some pictures ( not if us though).

So for right now I will be posting not as often but not as like I’m used too. If you want to follow my “personal” platform please email me at and I will send you the link.. Maybe after a few months I’ll put the new link on my contact tab…

Until Next Time,

Comments, Questions, Opinions are always welcome, just keep it clean and respectful please.

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