My First Freelance Writing Article!

Remember that a while back I mentioned how I signed up on a freelance writing website. For the past two weeks I have been messaging them because they needed to verify that I can legally work, and if it was really me.

I actually like that because I know that my privacy and work will be protected. They finally finished the verification and I finally got an email today that they were going to check my sample writing that I submitted.

Of course I do know that I am not the best writer. I am okay but I need a lot of improvement. Well they rate from 1 star (poor) up too a 5 star (good), guess where I landed…. I’m not proud but I will be honest.. I landed on the 3 star… So I definitely need improvement.

The reason they put me at 3 star is because I didn’t put a comma when talking about two independent clauses with a coordinating conjunction. So words that I have to look up now because frankly I do not know what they mean.

The good part and I will take it as a good part is that at least that was the only mistake in my sample!! Also, when someone shows you a mistake then it is way easier to correct.

Looking through the ads (jobs) to sign up for, I can only sign up if they are rated a 3 star. To my disappointment there are not a lot of 3 star opportunities. The ones that I did see were about games and I don’t play games! So that sucked.. I did find one about shopping.

About a product that a company is trying to sell. So it was a small 200 word count sample that I had to write. I’m so nervous because this is my FIRST freelance writing job that I submitted for!! I re-read that article about 4 times before hitting that submit button.

So now the client has 3 days to reject or accept my writing sample. After 3 days if the client has done neither then it is automatically accepted and I will get paid.. Now its not like I am making money here but a few bucks is a few bucks right?

So wish me luck and hope that the client accepts my writing sample!

Until Next Time,


6 thoughts on “My First Freelance Writing Article!

  1. Oh my gosh how exciting! You’re doing it! Doesn’t matter if it’s “only level 3” your effort will lead you to amazing opportunities. ¡Felicidades!

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