My writing piece got Accepted!!



It got accepted! My small piece got accepted!! I just read the email! I’m so happy!!! I’m doing my happy dance!!

Thank you for everyone that supported me and sent good vibes my way. Insha’Allah this is a start of a good thing for me. I know it’s not much money but I am gaining experience! Insha’Allah more writing articles will come my way.

I can’t wait until the editorial team review my piece and let me know if there are any improvements to be made. Hopefully there isn’t and I get rated. 4 star!!

I got to start hunting for my next piece to write!

Yes!! Okay got to stop now or I’ll keep babbling like an idiot!

Until Next Time,

8 thoughts on “My writing piece got Accepted!!

  1. Exciting, exciting, exciting!!!! Oh so many doors will start to open up for you! You go after your goals and keep a balance. I so admire you and I am so proud of you! This is so exciting. Congrats!!! ❤ -CC

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