A whisper to seek knowledge

Does anyone here like to hear podcast? I’m not sure if the android phones have them but the iPhone’s do..

Well I usually hate listening to here people talk because it always makes me sleepy.

Well hubby loves listening to the podcast he says that’s part of “his” time.

I have been driving him to work lately and I finally gave it a chance. He listens to the NPR podcast. I can say these past couple of days I have enjoyed the listening.

So I have gone to my iPhone and subscribed to a few podcast. Ranging from Islam to Hispanic (English) speaking, to writing…

So far I like two and I have deleted two.. As I catch up on the podcast since I have started from the beginning dates, I’ll make a review on here..

Knowledge is great to have and as ALLAH (SWT) says, he wants us to have faith in him but he also wants is to seek and question, in order for our faith can become stronger then before.

What knowledge do you seek? So you actively seek it or are you just satisfied where you are at and why??

Until Next Time,

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