Chapel Hill, I am OUTRAGE why aren’t You!

Isn’t it funny… A huge tragedy has occurred but not one person that I subscribed to has mention…

Funny how things work, everyone mentioned About “I’m not Charlie” and went on a verbal assault about a religion and shariah law etc…

But no one has mentioned the thre NYC shooting in Chaple Hill.. Everyone is writing it off as if it was a disgruntled white man fighting over a parking space.

His ex-wife is on the spot light and she says “they were in the wrong place and wrong time.” Really!! They were in the privacy of their on home! How in the HELL is that the wrong time or wrong place!

This is what the world is coming too, three lovely people two of which were NEWLYWEDS, how can society as a whole just keep going on with out a cry for outrage!

Here is my Cry! Here is my OUTRAGE!
If you are willingly to blog about people being massacred by TERRORIST then speak out for all!

No human life is better then the other.. Does anyone realized that one of the officers that died in Paris was a MUSLIM himself! Of course not because they would mean that the Portrayal of terrorist that they planted in your heads is wrong!

Let’s see who are the ones that truly stand up for freedom! Let’s see who stands up for justice!

I know I stand for it, I did as a child and I’ll stand tall as an adult!

Judge me if you like but if you preach then PREACH for ALL injustices not just the ones that are “common”..


Until Next Time,

20 thoughts on “Chapel Hill, I am OUTRAGE why aren’t You!

  1. Hi, Muslim Latina, this is a great post and one I think more people need to read. I have a feeling that if 1 Muslim had shot 3 Christians or atheists or whomever, then it would be national news or international news for at least a month. We have been watching the progress of this story closely, to see who covers it and how they cover it. Some tweeters (?) are even celebrating the killing of 3 Muslims, no matter who they are or where they live. How can anyone see the world in such a “black and white” way? I don’t mean race, not at all, I mean people who see the world as split into a dichotomy between good and bad, and then put others into one of those groups based on one or two characteristics. I’m sorry to say that many people I work with are like this, and they think it’s totally normal.

    My husband is Muslim and we recently moved to a smaller city in the US South (for my job). We both are afraid of him getting stopped by the police, or encountering ignoramuses (ignoramii?) in any situation of emotional stress. Thank you for drawing attention to the Chapel Hill tragedy on your blog!

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    1. Thank you for your comment. Insha’Allah you and your husband are not targeted. Unfortunately the world is becoming a crueler everyday. Insha’Allah more people stop believing this propaganda that the news feed them..


  2. Reblogged this on Refractory Ramblings From The Darkside and commented:
    I am reblogging this because I do not feel that I could add or say this better than Muslim Latina.

    We are all human. Honestly, I doubt that this will ever get the coverage of Hebdo, or in the same way. That is not the most tragic. The most tragic are the three beautiful lives that were lost. The second largest tragedy is the way America looks at Islam as a whole.

    Muslim Latina is passionate in her writing and her ideals. Her blog offers a variety of topics. She is a determined woman, who does not give up, no matter the obstacles in her blogging or her life. I do encourage all to read her blog.

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  3. Muslim lives matter. I agree 100%. All lives matter. People are brainwashed to think that all Muslims are terrorists. It’s so unfair.

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  4. Muslim Latina, you are so correct on this! I have been offline for the most part, only coming on for a few minutes here and there as I could handle it after my last post. I do not watch TV, and most definitely not the news. I get it from online.
    I had no idea of this. This is awful. I am going to look this up. I applaud you for this post. This is one reason I love your writings. And you. Yes, and yes. I totally agree.
    Much love to you,

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    1. My friend I think I worded it wrong.. In not accusing the bloggers… I should have worded it another way.. I do stand by what I say.. In the end ga the news media and the government that has been filling society with certain things that now society is blocked from feeling any empathy ir anything towards victim of terrorism.. Media and the government are to blame, not you the bloggers.

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      1. I just wanted to say, that I did not in any way, take the post to mean that you were blaming bloggers.

        You were writing with your same passionate voice that I admire so greatly about you, and the inequity that we see in the coverage of these things in this country. I just looked this up, what a tragedy. I see the difference in the coverage from just one article.

        What a horrible, horrible tragedy, and who would believe this was over a parking space? Going into someone’s home like this? And the coverage? You are so spot on with this post, and I totally agree with it…as I wrote before.. we are all human.

        Thank you so much for your voice and your writing, your passion, and your humanity and justice.

        Much love to you as always,

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  5. I’m sorry, I live in Canada and never heard of Chapel Hill , I don’t even know where that is, nor do I know what happened there, what I can tell you about Canada is this: for decades we have read and listened to the news about how often people are killed in the USA by guns and other violence, we have pretty much become deaf to it now, it is assumed that Americans will go on killing each other regardless of ethnic background, and they are likely to shoot anyone else who stands in their way…. this is not just a Canadian point of view but rather the entire world’s point of view

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    1. You don’t have to apologize.. I wrote this in an emotional state. I stand by what I statEd but it’s noones fault. Not even in the U.S. Is this being broadcast, I doubt it will make it outside.

      Regardless if us “Americans” are killing each other it’s still not right to turn a blind eye. Of course other countries have there own issues I was most stating for the ones that are here in the U.S.

      Thank you for you comment.


      1. I know it’s not right to turn a blind eye, and I admit I am guilty of doing just that when it comes to the violence in the US, violence does happen here in Canada too, we are not saints and by no means perfect, it’s just not as common here. as for Chapel Hill I am currently reading online about it, sad and makes me question why? why does this happen? I have a sense of deep sadness for humanity when people die from anothers hand, it’s senseless and no matter where you are in the world, it should not be a common occurrence and it needs to STOP.

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        1. Thank you for this. I know other countries have their troubles too. Maybe as a society we have become complacent on violence and we need to stop it… In the end we are all created by one and should at least be emotional when another human being is murdered or hurt regardless of what they practice or how they live..

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          1. you are right, and I am guilty of turning a blind eye to what’s happening around the world, it’s all to easy to blame “terrorists” and other fanatics, but we as a society fail to really look in the mirror, we condemn others who kill or perform violent acts upon others, yet we love our guns and hide our reasons behind the trigger, our gun loving mentality must change , or desire for violence on the big screen must change, we as a society must lay down our arms and rally for peace and harmony and regardless of religion, must accept and respect each others beliefs and faith, it is truly a sad world we live in, so much hate and distrust. it does make me wonder if there is any hope for humanity

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    1. I just can’t believe how people will make all these protest about one person. How the media chooses which news to air. All victims deserve justice and deserve to be respected and given the appropriate time.
      It disgust me how the media is down playing it and the people just believe it..

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