Pasco looked like it could be the next Ferguson. So why aren’t people protesting?

Another innocent dead… This time an Hispanic undocumented man… When will the cruelty stop! When will the minorities gather together and protest! When will all those big mouth protestors join campaigns and have one voice.

It’s beyond race, culture or residency, it’s about helping each other out. We are ALL GODS children!!

Until Next Time


PASCO, Washington — Over the last week, news outlets around the world have been paying very close attention to this small city. It’s where, on Feb. 10, a Mexican national was shot and killed by police after throwing rocks at cars and officers.

A disturbing video of the shooting went viral, leading many people, even a local official, to look at the facts of the situation and wonder if it had the makings of “another Ferguson.” Some facts seemed to line up: an unarmed member a politically underrepresented community, killed by cops in the city’s fourth police-involved shooting since July. (Officers were cleared of wrongdoing in the three previous shootings; the ones involved in this one are on leave pending a review.)

The Mexican government expressed dismay. “Will Antonio Zambrano-Montes be the new Michael Brown?” we wondered.

But on the ground here, the city is strangely quiet. Business as usual.

Which leaves a perplexing question, given

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