Finally my reading is Done!

So basically, I have been reading all of my readers post… To me literally 3 hours!! I’m done now!! Wow!

I didn’t realized that I had signed up to that many.. If course I read mostly all of them. I tried commenting on most also..

Well all I can say is I truly enjoy the post I read! Some are funny, inspirational, creepy, informative and all in between!

I have to make sure I keep coming in here more often! Today hopefully I’ll be going to the Apple Store to see if they can fix my iPad Mini.. This iPhone is irritating me! A little screen is really hard to read and type! I know that a lot of people are used to it but I can’t! I have thick thumbs so most of the time I am picking the wrong letters!!

Well hopefully next time I post on here will be with my fixed IPad Mini!

Until Next Time,

4 thoughts on “Finally my reading is Done!

  1. I spend hours just reading people’s blogs, I try to comment on all of them but it’s difficult as I follow 300+ blogs and am adding more to my reader daily, I use a desktop pc, just easier for me, I can’t read from my phone as it’s not a smartphone so most pages don’t load properly on it.

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    1. Wow!! I am not subscribe to that many! Kudos to you!! I can’t wait until I get my IPad mini or a laptop. It is struggle with the phone but I at least have to be thankful that I can still communicate with the WP and Internet world.


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