My Biggest Distraction

I’m not getting attention!
I hear through the living room
Come and see this
I hear through the kitchen
Why are you ignoring me
I hear right next to me

I can’t take it
I can’t create
when you are near

You nibble on my neck
I flush with arousal
You whisper promises
I know you’ll keep

I get flustered
I can’t write
The words come
and swiftly go

I love you
Your my world
I try to focus

When you flash me
I yearn to touch you
You pout at me
I yearn to nibble your lip

My creativity
My flow
breaks when you are around

My heart
My Love
Don’t you know

Your my biggest

I’m not sure if I am the only one. Sometimes you get the “flow” and you are ready to write like if demons were chasing you. Then when you are in the middle of your thoughts you hear a familiar voice and everything is just GONE.

Yes this is what happens to me every time hubby is home. Yes I have read this to him and he is all smiles and giggling (yes, hubby giggles don’t judge him, I love him that way), and tells me he likes it.

This is one of the reasons why I can’t clean, do errands, study, etc.. When hubby is in the house literally the attention is EXCLUSIVELY for him..

I’m not saying I don’t love hubby, Its just that I wish I was able to get my “flow” on when he is at home too. While he is busy watching tv and on his phone maybe I can write.. Yeap not happening..

Well now I’m off cause I know that any minute now I’ll be hearing “Mi Reina!” lol..

Until Next Time,

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