An Hispanic Tradition that is Worth Having

So Today I got a surprise. My parents came over and dropped off stuff that I have left in their home for years. The are moving so they are giving my sister and me all of our stuff that we have accumulated through out the years..

Well as you all know I am Hispanic, my parents are from Guatemala. In the hispanic culture we have what we call a Quinceañera ( Sweet 15 ). This is when you do a huge party with family and friends. Its like a Social coming out party. You are introduce to society, family and friends as a young lady.

Now traditionally there are rules (yes very strict rules) and very from country, to family. In my home the following were rules that my sisters and I had to abide by or else we wouldn’t have a party or be introduced to our family as young ladies.

1. Cannot have a boyfriend
2. No wearing of make-up
3. No wearing “grown- up” clothes (i.e. short skirts, v-neck clothes, high heels etc.)
4. Couldn’t cut our hair (that was more my fathers rule.)
5. Have good grade in school (more of my parents rule)
6. Needs to be religious (pure of heart, soul and yes body)

So not really anything extreme, or in our house those rules were not extreme. My parents wanted us to have a great childhood and have something special. Living in America its hard to grow up with some traditions from your culture. My parents never put an emphasis on our culture, meaning we didn’t live by our Hispanic culture but there were a few things my parents wanted us to experience.

For an Hispanic Catholic girls there are 4 HUGE events in your life that you always look forward to.

1. Baptism ( your only months old)
2. First Communion ( a kind of reaffirmation that you believe and you are able for the first time have and participate in the taking of the bread and wine)
3. Sweet 15
4 Your wedding

So basically today my parents gave me a flashback of my amazing childhood. Where they are moving they can’t take our sweet 15 dresses and other type of decorations we have in that day. Traditionally your parents keep those until they pass on and then each daughter gets her own decorations or memorabilia of her event and displays it in her home.

Since my parents do not know how small or big their place will be slowly they have been giving me my military clothes and now my sweet 15 memorabilia.

I swear I don’t know what I am going to do or store it because I have more memorabilia for my sweet 15 then I have for my wedding lol..

Here is basically my porcelain doll which signifies my last doll as a child given to me by my parents. The dress that the doll is wearing is a replica of the dress that I wore on that day. Color and all with the exception of the hair.

My hair was way past my buttocks area and my mother curled it. I had baby breaths and yellow baby roses as a crown. Such beautiful memories!! I love my parents! I love the fact that they taught me my culture even though we didn’t live by them. The ones we did follow are the traditions that have an actual significant in a persons life.

Thank you Mommy and Daddy! I will always be grateful for the memories, discipline and love you taught me. If we ever have a daughter this is one tradition that we will do. If you are Hispanic and followed this I’m sure you know the feeling.. Your wedding, communion or other birthday can’t compare to this one!!



So now I have to find a place that will clean my dolls dress and think of how I will put this on display….

Until Next Time,

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