Chili Poppers Reciepe – Chef K’s Way

I got asked for the receipe of the Chili Poppers a La K’s post I published a day ago.  The only thing is that I am bad at measurements. Once I learn how to do a dish I usually throw away the reciepe and start to modify it to our specific taste. So please forgive for not puttin measearuments but I hope you can still make sense of this.

Well here it is:


Serrano peppers (any amount you would like to have)

Cream Cheese ( maybe 8oz for about 10 whole peppers)

Salt (to taste)

Black pepper (to taste)

Parmagiano Rigatoni Cheese (the one you have to actual shred yourself) OR  ( any other cheese you like)

All purpose flour (about 4 cups depending as you go)

Milk ( anytype you like, the amount depends as you go)

Panko, Japanese style bread crumbs ( or any that you want, the amount I use is usually one box)


1. Cut each serrano pepper in half and de-vein it. The more veins you cut out the less spicey iit will be (hopefully lol)

2. Mix the cream cheese, salt, and pepper together. (make sure the cream cheese is at room temperature, it will be easier to mix).

3. Fill the peppers with the mixture, DO NOT OVER STUFF (unless you like for it to spill out when cooking).

4. Dip the stuffed peppers into the milk making sure it is fully immersed in the milk. 

5. After dipping in the milk, dip it into the flour. Again making sure it is fully covered. Let the pepper dry for a minute or two. While letting that one dry, cover the rest with the flour.

6. Once the peppers are dry, dip the pepper into the milk fully immersed then dip into the bread crumbs making sure they are fully covered.

7 Repeat instructions 4 thru 6 about two or three times. Each time you dip it in you get the peppers coated with more crumbs.

8. Once all peppers are done preheat oven at 350 degree Farenhiet (sorry if you use the metric system I do not know the conversion). 

9. You can deep fry them ( I am not sure to which degree you need to have the oil but I imagine it is the same as the oven if not a bit higher).

10. Before putting the peppers in the oven light brush some oil on the peppers, put in the bottom rack of the oven. after 40 to 60 minutes check to see if they are done.

11. If they are not crunchy move to the top rack and either put the oven on broil or check back in about 10 minutes after that or else they will burn… 

So I hope I didn’t complicate things lol… It does take awhile to prepare everything but if you and your family are going to do it together it cuts on time. This is one dish hubby and I do together so it actually takes longer since we usually are joking around lol..

Until Next Time,


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