Don’t let Her Escape

Grab her

Pin her down

Don’t let her escape

Blind her

Make sure she can’t see

Pin her down

Make her deaf

Make her blind

Weigh her down

She’ll never escape

She will learn

She has no place

She will learn

She has no voice

She will submit

She will be broken

She will be a broken Woman

A shell

For us men

To play

2 thoughts on “Don’t let Her Escape

  1. I got some pretty vivid imagery reading this and it pissed me off (not your writing) but how men use women…it’s disgusting…sorry…that’s how you know your writing is good, you get an emotional response.

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    1. Please don’t be sorry. I love that I get comments especially when people can relate or get an emotional response.

      I was scarred putting this on here because I know a lot of women can relate to this at some point of their lives. Some worse then others but I don’t know why I just had to write it…

      Thank you so much for commenting. Don’t ever be sorry for commenting your feelings, that is one thing I love about WP world. 😉

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