Growing Slowly but Surely!

I am so happy! I just recieved my 200th follower! I know I have not ever looked at how many followers I have. I have never really focused on getting followers. I have been super happy and through out this whole year I have said Thank you to all of you over and over again.

Today is no different, Thank you for helping me achieve a blog that has you coming back for more. To see an image letting me know that I have gained more followers is motivating and gives me pleasure that my platform is growing. I might not be a powerblogging ( I have learned a few things from them OM especially!!), but using some tips from HIM (you know who!!) has helped me. 

So I want to say once again

THANK YOU FOLLOWERS NEW AND NOT SO NEW! If it wasn’t for you to click that follow button I would not have been able to reach this number.

I also want to thak my followers on TWITTER! Yes, you also deserve recogniztion because looking at my followers I have approx 60 followers since I looked two weeks ago.  So THANK YOU to you guys as well.

For the ones that have not hit the follow button, it is okay. If you come back to read over and over again I can tell by my views and I want to thank you as well. 

Now, I don’t feel good today so I might be out for a couple of days… Seems this weather chang in LA is really getting to me. 

Insha’Allah my blog grows more and I am able to give you guys interesting post for you guys to come back.


Until Next Time,


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