4 thoughts on “Dear WordPress Support

  1. As I thought. This mass following of OM’s is just one example of his practices that could cost you your social media accounts.

    It’s defined as spam on many social media

    When you figure out how not to engage in ad hominem attacks, and consider available evidence, you might be welcome back.

    You’re put in the blocked from commenting list for now. I’d of told you on my blog, but wanted to see what you were about.


    Bye now.


    1. LOL Really!! I’m a spammer with only 200 followers!! Okay dude, seriously you just need a hug. Go ahead and block me don’t worry I don’t need to read a blog that just whines about someone that has success, your just a hater.

      I have nothing to worry about in losing my account, I have done nothing illegal nor am I a spammer or bully.

      If you actually take the time and look and read my blog there are no grounds for you to stand on that you can “show” I am a spammer.

      If I choose to reblog a blogger that I admire or like his writing that is my RIGHT as a BLOGGER and As I said before you talk about FREE SPEECH and you can’t take any constructive criticism. Go ahead and spill your words here I’m neither scared nor will I bend to your childish remarks.


      1. No, you’re not a spammer. OM is. You are somehow believing his advice is good advice.

        Your lack of knowledge of what you are supporting is the problem.

        That you have no idea that OM’s tweets of threats have been critical to twitter changing their moderation policies to not allow such horrible cyber bullying belies the point that you claim to have read everything.

        My blogs are about social media, cyber bullying and harassment, and best practices in social media.

        Opinionated Man’s blogging and attacks provide a stark contrast against best practices, and serve as a perfect example of what not to do.

        I’m glad you are not scared, I have no intent to frighten you.

        Rather I asked you to read about what I was blogging, and you did not.

        You are supporting a person that showed up on my blog and tried to bully me out of writing about the largest social media personalities in wine.

        And when I didn’t stop, he simply accelerated his bullying and threats.

        That’s who you love. And support.

        It’s my right not to associate with such people. And their supporters.

        Have a great life.


        1. Look I really don’t care anymore nor did I care before so this will be my last reply. I follow and admire whoever i damn well wish. I went to your blog and left my opinion and critisizm in an adult and repectful manner. You coming to my blog to bash on anyone or tell me how I’m doing wrong to follow someone you do not agree with is very disrespectful.

          Truthfully I can care less what accomplishments you have or have not made. I have created and changed policies and regulations myself and I’m not constantly putting it in someones face as you do.

          You wanted a clap here 🙏 good job now move on.

          Do not come on my blog with that nosense of bullying, spamming or otherwise! I do not advocate for bullying and have done my share of helping to stop it. What you do Sir is antigonized people to the point that you frusturate them and close off any opportunity to have someone else help you in your cause “if you had one”.

          Another thing, please do not think for one second that I follow someone blindly nor that I believe something because someone just told me without doing my own research.

          Saying this If you chose to have a proper and mature dialouge I will welcome it. If you need another advocate to help stop cyber bulling then I’m open to your ideas. If you come here to keep the fight on with OM or to say how I’m blindly or not knowlegable at something then please do not comment on here at all.

          My blog is about writing, life, God, Family and over unity in human kind. If you do not fit any of those then I no longer wish to keep conversing with you.


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