He has Come Back, God Help Me!

darken house

I can’t breath

You immobilized me

Go outside

he can’t defeat you there

My legs feel like lead

God give me strength

I have faith

Dark blue skies

Lighting striking close by

The figure shows himself

I can’t breath

I can’t move

I’ve seen him before

No please! I thought you were gone

No please! I hate you go away

He laughs and gets near

I pray and feel weak

The horns and tails 

coming close and snatching

my weaken soul

“I told you I’ll come back”

“keep praying what is it doing”

” I pray myself, don’t you remember I’m the fallen Angel”

He cackles in my face

I wake up cold sweat all over

I see in the darkness

The face with the horns

laughing at me

Hes come once again

10 thoughts on “He has Come Back, God Help Me!

  1. I used to have night terrors and then Jesus came to me and I can sleep in sweet peace, my days full of Joy and God pouring Love into my heart, an actual substance I had never known in the world. May God bless you, protect you and provide all your needs abundantly.

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        1. No worries ma’am, Thank you for being kind and giving words of comfort.

          I do apologize if this seemed real in anyway… Maybe next time I will make sure I put a clause on the article itself that is is fiction…

          My mind sometimes has a very vivid dark side for some reason and I sometimes do use life experiences to be able to create the emotions that you see here… Doesn’t work a lot of times but sometimes I get a good piece..

          Again I’m happy that you have found God and no longer suffer from night terrors. I’ve heard those are very hard on a person, physically, mentally and emotionally.

          Insha’Allah your love and relationship with God (SWT) continues to grow and he may give you many peaceful and beautiful nights. Ameen.

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