Advocating to Stop Bullying Vs. Whining and Wanting Attention – Which are You

This is a topic that frankly isn’t brought up as much. What is the definition of Bullying, cyber-bullying and harassment? 

Bullying: Verb; Use superior strength or influence to intimidiate (someone), typically force him/her or to do what one wants

  Example: ” a local man was bullied into helping them.”

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Cyber-bullying: Noun: To use the electronic communication to bully a person, typically sending messages of an intimidating or threatening nature.

   Example: “Children may be reluctant to admit to being victims of cyber-bullying.”

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Harassment: Noun: agggresive pressure or intimidation

   Example: ” they face daily harassment by the police”

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The reason I put the definitions first is because it seems that some people do not know the difference. I for one HATE BULLIES, regardless if they are adults or children. I got bullied as a child and going into the military people “tried” to bully me. I have been somewhat bullied on the internet but thanks to my parents and the military I learned how to handle it. 

Everyone should be able to express themselves with out the fear of being INTIMIDATED by anyone OR organization! Just because someone does not agree with your form of thinking or doing things does not mean it gives you the right to bash them. When they in turn defend themselves you cry “wolf” don’t expect sympathy or compassion. 

As my parents and the Marine Corps taught me: IF YOU DISH IT OUT YOU NEED TO TAKE IT, if not SHUT YOUR MOUTH!

I think those are words to live by. I understand that sometimes you might have a friend and they are being bullied you want to defend them. Thats great I commend you for it. If you want to STOP the BULLYING you DON’T BECOME THE BULLY!

It seems that some people do not understand that. I love WordPress and I love to be able to voice my opinion to which ever article of my choosing. If you write some content that I might not like and I voice my opinion then either moderate it, delete it or respond in an ADULT AND MATURE MANNER.

I’m sure ALL of our parents raised us with manner, just because we are behind the screen does not give us the freedom to bash on someone or force an idea down someones throat.

If you choose to block a person then you don’t need to go to their blog and aggrivate them. Most trolls or bullies usually are annonymos… If you do not like what that blogger commented and you choose to go to their blog instead of firing down rage take the time to reseach or look around their blog to get a feel on who and what they usually blog about.

I’m a person that people on here and off of here feel that I am compassion, sympathic to others. The truth is I don’t think I am. Surprised? No don’t be, I have always posted on here my feelings and thoughts regardless of what topic it is.

I hate the fact that because I express myself someone chooses to tell me that I am in certain words advocating bullying. No I’m not! I have been on committees at work to STOP bullying why would I change now? I have post on here talking about how I believe people should be treated fairly, about us as humans uniting in order to help us become more humane. 

On he flip side I’m then told to not put on my social media that I’m advocating to stop bullying! What the HELL! yes I said it Hell! What is going on in your twisted mind to tell me that if I want to help to stop bullying I shouldn’t put it on my social media?! How in the HELL is THAT going to help bullying stop!

You don’t need to remind people of the achievements you have accomplished over and over again. If you help set something in place to stop bullying kudos to you but when you keep bringing it up it truly sounds like you just want attention and your cause might be lost.

If you tell someone your problem also BRING a SOLUTION, I for one am not one to take pity or be compassionate when people whine or complian. If you bring me a problem you better have an idea on how to solve it if not dont bring it to me cause I’m not your mommy or teacher.

So for all of you that advocate about stoping bullies either onling or not please read the definition and UNDERSTAND the meaning. For all of your good intentions your work if that is truly what you are after may look like the one thing you want to stop. 

Until Next Time,


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