Financial Freedom – Our path and how we achieved it

Okay so I have mentioned before that Hubby and I have slolwy climed out of debt since we have been married. As anyone knows you always make a plan but events in your life always dictate if that plan will end up happening. The only thing you can do is just follow your plan and adjust as you go.

Saying this my husband and I have been juggling, weddings, birthdays, holidays and other life events that have arisen. Before we used to own two dogs and well since we couldn’t take them to certain events we would either put them in a kennel or get a hotel that accepted them which meant more money we had to dish out.

Sometimes emergency came that no matter what we had to attend to which included ourselves, family or friends. When you have people that you love you always want to be near them in their time of need. Sometimes it just isn’t possible…

Luckily we have members or our families and friends that understood  this but on the flip side you have some that do not or choose not too. You can’t make everyone happy right.

With all this going on my husband and I always got asked as to why we didn’t go out a lot or spent money on things and such other what we consider “stupid” questions. Our response was always “We choose to spend our money where we believe it will be most valuble to us.” 

Now see it didn’t mean hubby and me didn’t go out or didn’t spent money on each other. We just choose not to “advertise” where we went or bought. That is our buisness, yes I have a facebook account and yes there where times and still are that I post of nice resturants we go to or places we have been. I’ve done it once or twice here…

See most of our “outings” are planned, we make sure that every cent is calculated and spent in exactly how we want it too.

Now with us being married for 5 years and a couple of months we are able to go out more and spend a little more. Do we do it… NO why because our goal is long term, we want to have a nest egg to the point that we aren’t stuggling as our parents are. I’m not saying that our parents pissed off their lives, no thats not true.

His parents are retired, university graduates and have property in their country. My parents used to own a buisness and house. Unfortunately for whatever reasons life threw them a curve ball and are not living their “dreams”. It doesn’t mean that they are poor or struggling no, but the life that they dreamed of having was not realized at an old age.

So my husband and I might not go out a lot, or take frequent vacations buy brand name clothes, items or brand new cars. We live beneath our buget and we are constantly revising our budget plan to fit our lifestyle that we choose to have now and what we want when we both retire.

We live in a very good neighborhood, and have a comfortable living. We don’t worry about bills and ever so often we do splurge on ourselves or our families. People might think we are poor and express that around children but if my husband and I worried what people thought of us we would be in more debt, I would not be able to stay at home and we probably would not even be thinking of having children.

Financial freedom is a plan that is constantly revised and should be used to give you the dreams and goals you want now and in the furture. Living just in the now will most likely effect your future and probably not in a positve way.

There are so many different formulas out there and financial advice and software. All it takes is a person that understands what they want in life and is ready to make the necessary adjustments to achieve it. 

My question to you is this

Would any of you like for me to put on here the plan that my husband and I used to get to the point that we shaved off close to $35K in 5 years. If so please comment and I will start to creat a post for it. 

Until Next Time,


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