Premio Dardos Award! Yippeee!! Thank you again for this!

So a about a month ago I got nominated for the Premio Dardos Award, from Blogger Ritu. Thank You so much!! I am so happy everytime my blog is nominated for awards! I am humbled by the bloggers that feel that my blog stands out in some sort of way. 

So here is the picture:


Here is a short explanation and rules for the award:


So again Thank You  Ritu for this honer!! 

Now you guys no me I don’t put other authors on here because to me I can’t choose!! Each and every blog I follow has something cultural, personal value that I can’t decide.

What am I saying??? I nominate all of you!! So if you are up for it go ahead and put this nomination on your bblog as well because you all deserve it!!

Until Next Time,




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