A New Goal for A Muslim Latina Blog, will you help?

Looking at my stats I noticed something for the years that I have had my blog. every year it seems I have had more views then the previous years! I’m so happy about that! Because when I look at the daily, weeks and months I get a bit dissapointed..

I know the yo-you effect is because I’m not consistent with posting out here. If I want more views then I need to be posting like crazy and I just can’t do that. Not to say that it can’t be done, I know it can thousands if not million bloggers out there have proven they can knock out so much post while still have a family, job and other events in there life.

Maybe I’m not as motivated, I am happy and proud of what I have accomplished. I’m sure that I will keep going and my stats will improve as the years go by. Right now I just want my views after this year to hit the 1,600 range. Like that in 2016 I will go for more. Sounds dumb maybe but hey it works for me lol.. Knowing how hectic my life can get sometimes I’m okay with this goal.

My second goal will be to see if I can finish this year with 400 comments, I can say talking to other bloggers is great! You guys are literally the only ones I talk to through out the day. Being stuck at home alone for 10 – 14 hours is BORING… Especially when all my errands and chores are done. So I REALLY need to talk to you guys more!


My yearly stats… Almost at 1,600!! I need 400 Comments before the year ends too!!


I’m not really sure which one you are suppose to pay attention to in order to know if you are doing good. I think that by looking at this I’m doing great!! Hey thats my world I’m happy lol….

So will you Ladies and Gents help me with my goal? Help me hit 1,600 views and reach 400 comments? 

Thank You so much for your support!!

Until Next Time,


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