Wounded Warrior Project – How people are still ungrateful

I understand that our military personal are paid through the “taxes” that we all pay. Lets face it, even the military personal still have to pay taxes every year. They don’t have any tax cut or exceptions. So in a way they pay themselves also.

Saying this I still do not understand how some of the population still believe that some benefits should be taken off or if new benefits are needed there should be a vote. Again scrolling down my Facebook I saw this question being asked by the Wounded Warrior Project and for some reason it really irked me..


Now my thinking is that these are men and woman that served our country. They literally lost limbs, are unbalanced mentally or have some issues unfortunately that were caused while on active duty. These are our men and woman that were not forced to serve they VOLUNTEERED. 

I can uderstand that some feel that because the volunteered then we as a NATION do not OWE them anything. In reality we owe them EVERYTHING! If it wasn’t for these courageous people we wouldn’t have the freedom that most of us have. Does that mean we are free… NO. Does it mean that we are 100% protceted from the enemy NO. They do the best they can with the resources and the leadership (our government and president) give them.

I don’t see why some people still think that we should not help them or include more benefits for them.

Okay, I know not everyone is going to agree with me but REALLY!! So far 3.4% says no to giving them fertility help. Seriously? Then 4.1% are not even sure!! HOW IN THE HECK ARE YOU NOT SURE!

If it wasn’t for the sacrifices that they AND their families give we wouldn’t have the FREEDOM we all CLAIM we have! Its always the many that keep the few from moving up or not being able to get the resources or tools they need.

I truly hope that many truly look into their hearts and recogzine how much the U.S. Military have given to their nation. Its sad that instead of being grateful and try to make their lives a bit easier and healthier we are gready and selfish.
Wake up PEOPLE! Lets get back to our men and women that have the guts to do what MANY of YOU can’t DO!
If you have Facebook if you aren’t already following this group I hope you do today and vote YES! Lets help get this benefit pushed in order to give a child to a family that has SACRIFICED so much already.
Until Next Time,


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