Allah Akbar! Allah Akbar!

Allah Akbar

Allah Akbar

God is great

God is great
Words that are in my prayers

Words that bring me hope

Allah Akbar

Allah Akbar

How I love these words
Hope, Love, Greatness

Allah Akbar

Allah Akbar

I’m proud to pray and say

Noone will stop me

Noone can deny me
To Speak and say

Allah Akbar!

21 thoughts on “Allah Akbar! Allah Akbar!

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        1. No problem, If you like please read my About me page.

          I have other poems and thoughts regarding Islam and what the religion truly teaches.

          I write religious pieces in order for people to know that the religion Islam is not war, its not what these terrorist display.

          If you have questions of any kind please feel free to email, comment on any of my post.

          Thank you for your comments and questions. 😉

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      1. A’Salamu Aliekum,

        I’m sure he was not being disrespectful. Unfortunately the media and entertainment industry has hijacked our Religion and have twisted it into a morbid manner.

        A lot of the population is ignorant of what Isalm truly is or what it teaches. They believe what is on the tv or movies. Thats why I post articles and pieces showing Islam, talking about Islam to hopefully bring awareness of the True Islam.

        Us as Muslim’s also need to take a more active role in denouncing these terrorist and try to spread some educational enlightment to Non-Muslims.

        If we do not speak out then how will people know??

        Thank you for your comment BlogCreatifa and I apologize if in any way your were hurt by my words, this post or what was said. I hope you can find it in your heart to forgive me.


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        1. Was alaikum assalaam.
          You have nothing to apologise for. I didn’t find your post or your response offensive. Even before reading your response, I was thinking that I should have been kinder in my comment to Jon Gregory. You set a perfect example of how a Muslim should be. May Allah guide us all and forgive us our mistakes.

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        1. I can’t speak for anyone else, I did not see your question as being offensive I saw it as someone wanting knowledge.

          I have in the past gotten offensive remarks but I always try to look at it as people just being ignorant.

          One thing I’ve learned in life is in order for people to understand each other’s beliefs there needs to be a productive dialogue between them, if not then both sides always lose and there is no progress or acceptance.

          I’m sure she didn’t mean to be rude but was just expressing a defensive response that unfortunately many Muslims and Non-Muslims have received in their life time in different situations..

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          1. Ok thank you. I do have a couple questions though. There are several hadiths (i believe thats what they are called) that say that non-muslims such as me should be killed. I’ll have to look up the references, but that supports what the terrorists are doing? I’m sorry for the terrible lack of references, I am just wondering how people can just ignore that, is it from an irreputable source? Thanks!!

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            1. I will try to answer your questions to the best of my ability. If I cannot I will do my research and get back to you in a couple of days Insha’Allah.

              Hadiths are like “references” or further “guidance” in order to help Muslims interpret the Quran further.

              The Quran says if the Hadith, Sunnah or Shariah Law goes against the Quran we are obligated to NOT follow that. We only follow the Quran.
              Please forgive me I am not one to put on references on here either. One thing about religion regardless if it is the Bible, Torah, Quran or supporting books people can sometimes use one part of it and not read it to its entirety.

              -As to your question of killing Non-Muslims..

              In the Quran it states that if you kill a man it is as if you Kill ALL HUMANKIND.

              The Quran also states that if Muslims live in a Non-Muslim world then they are to adapt to their environment but to follow God to the best of their abilities.

              The Quran also states that forgive others and find a FIT punishment for their crimes.

              The Quran states to accept others that do not believe in our religion, we do not force them or kill them because God created the Bible (1st Testament), the Torah and the Quran.

              In the end NO the Quran does not support what these terrorist are doing. Islam teaches peace and acceptance of all religions. We are told in the Quran that God made all of these religions and so in stating this what these terrorist are doing are wrong. They are defacing what Islam stands for and the teachings of it.

              Unfortunately not only this religion have extremist, but people have forgotten about the Crusades or when the Queen Mary “Bloody Mary” starte to kill Protestants.

              Man has twisted most of the religions to fit them. Until people start to truly understand Gods words which ever religion they practice, wars and people as these terrorist will continue to cause chaos.

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                1. Thank you for your questions. You do not have to apologize at all. insha’Allah I am able to explain it in a way that is understood.

                  Yes Muslims can fight. If you look at one of my post

                  It talks about how some Muslims helped save lives during World War II. These Muslims that even though they had different beliefs as the Jews they new that they had to do something about it.

                  If someone is attacking another person or your life is in danger yes we are granted to defend ourselves, unfortunately if this ends a life we ask for forgiveness to Allah (SWT) and to their families.

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                    1. Insha’Allah means: If God wills it then it will be done.

                      You are welcome. If you have any more questions regardless of what it is, please ask I will do my best to answer you. If i still did not answer your question or you need further information i.e. References within the Quran please let me know. I just ask you give me a couple of days to find the answer.

                      Insha’Allah with this information we have been discussing, you are able to not generalized or fault all Muslims or Islam for what a few extremist and terrorist do.

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