I’ve Accomplised my Goal! – Thank You Readers!!


I have met my goal; remember when I posted A new goal for a Muslim Latina blog will you help? I said that I wanted to reached 1,600 views by the end of the year? We did it!! Yes WE DID IT! If it wasn’t for your follows and coming back to read my blog over and over again I would not have reached this goal so soon.

So Thank You dear followers, if it wasn’t for your continued support I wouldn’t have made it this far. My new goal for the end of this year is 1,700 views. Insha’Allah we will get there together.



I will strive to keep giving you post that are interesting, informative or just entertaining. I hope that you keep me in your reader list for many more years to come! For all of you that just recently added me onto your reader list I Thank You also! You all have helped me grow even more.

Until Next Time,


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