Lest We Forget – We’ve forgotten too much already.

How sad that governments around the world fail to truly help their people. Sad how more people are not rallying up and stand up to make changes. Insha’Allah this post is circulated and awareness is begun in the rest of the world.

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Unload and Unwind

Lest_we_forgetAnzac Day is one of the most commemorated days in Australia and this year marks the centennial.  It is supposed to be a day to remember all those who fought and died not just for our freedom but to safeguard the freedom of others.  It is a day where we show respect for the sacrifice that so many made and to appreciate the legacy they fought to give us.

Sadly too many of us have forgotten just what it is that these men and women fought and died for.  Australia is no longer a country that welcomes those who flee persecution and violence; in fact we have become one of the worst human rights violators in the world. It doesn’t stop there either, with cuts to veterans pensions and a tokenistic wage increase of 1% for our armed services personnel this government is showing a disdain for those…

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