Death, Rumors an Emotional ride

I have been gone for awhile now… My life lately has been a rollercoaster so I do apologise for this. 

My Uncle died a few weeks ago, he was my fathers brothers and he was dear to not only my dad but to my mother and sisters. He was the only one in my fathers side that lived with us for some years here in the United States. He always showed us love and accepted not only us but my mother into the family. He didn’t care about my mothers social or financial background as the rest of the family. He always said that he wished the rest of his sister – in – laws and his sisters would be like my mother. A good woman that knows how to love, be a wife and mother. He will be missed, he is my fathers “twin”, they aren’t twins but the do look very similiar and their personalities are extremely similiar.

Now that he has passed away the family are saying and starting to spread rumors about what he “said” about my father, mother and us. It is effecting my father a bit but as I told him. His family has always lied, they always spread rumors about him even his own mother, so why would he believe these rumors now. I told him that we should and will remember our uncle by how he treated us and the love he showe us NOT by what the rest of his family are spreading. 

Unfortunately there are people out there that are so ready to shine a black shadow on someone once they are dead and can’t defend themselves, why don’t they do that when they are alive and can defend themselves. Why wait until they are dead? Hence that side of the family I do not associate it nor want to know at all. They have hurt my parents, my sisters and myself time and time again. I know it will never stop and even though we share blood we are no closer then strangers.
A week after my uncle died my aunt on my mothers side died as well. I personally never knew her and only met her once when we went to Guatemala when I was seven year old. She was a good woman and helped my parents out when they needed help when they got together. She was a woman that lived her life her way even if it was against her families wishes. She seemed to be a woman that even though she didn’t know us she loved us and always showed loved to my father and mother. I wished I could have known her a bit more but Allah (SWT) knows why we didn’t have a better communication.

So the month of April has been hard from my family and the begining of May has not been easy for my husband and me. I see him less because of work and I truthfully feel as if I am single again. All of this sacriface we are doing I hope that Allah (SWT) will bless us and rewards us as he sees fit. I am currently looking for a job because I truthfully am bored all day. Yes I could use this time to write on here or work on my story more but truthfully I am getting stir crazy. I need an outlet I cannot stay at home full time especially when I don’t have nothing to do all day. In two days flat I’m finished with the cleaning, cooking and doing all my other errands, I need an outlet and going back to work is something I think I need to do.

At least we do have some good news, my hubby just finished paying off his student loan!! We are so happy!! We celebrated by eating in halal Indian food! It feels good that we finally found a place that delivers authentic Indian food to your doo and its HALAL!! So yes we celebrated last night that one loan we are done with. We are closer to our goal at being debt free. Now we only have our car loan and the little bit of credit car debt and we will be done. Insha’Allah at the end of this year we will be done with our credit card and then the car loan should be done next year but I will do my best to get it done this year…

As you can see we have had a rollercoaster in April and the begining of this month. Insha’Allalh the rest of this month we bit easier for us. We actually with a few extra funds we have been rearranging and decorating our living room. So far our living room is coming out as we liked. I will post up a review on the App that we have been using to help us.

I am back now and ready to write. I will be on here for a little bit since we are going to visit hubbies family in a couple of weeks. 

Love you guys and I hope you are all doing well!!
Until Next Time,


11 thoughts on “Death, Rumors an Emotional ride

  1. So excited for you and hubby about the loans! This is a huge relief I am sure and reason to celebrate.
    Very sorry about what your family is doing. I have found that the death of a loved one often can bring out the worst in some. It is truly disheartening and something I do not tolerate either. It angers me. My heart and thoughts are with your family as always, my friend. xxx -CC

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    1. Thank you my friend for those kind words. True that this is brings out the worst in people but it isn’t in this occasion. My fathers family has always been this way, they are the ones that even his own mother claimed a lot of foul things that weren’t true. I just hate it because they are hurting my father more and he is doubting my uncle which they were both very close. Its not fair that they are tarnishing a beautiful memory and a great man that was my uncle.

      Yes it was a great celebration! To be almost completely debt free feels great! In a couple of months Insha’Allah the credit card will be done since we are flipping the money from the loan to the credit cards to finish it faster.

      Thank you again my friend for giving me so much support, it means so much to me. πŸ™‚

      As always sending you good vibes, energy and hugs πŸ˜‰

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