I know what most of our religion’s say about the LBGT community.. I’m sorry I’m one that believes live and let live. I will not judge them nor will I stop them for fighting for rights they want.

People need to get a reality check, there are a lot of more crucial issues that we as a SOCIETY regardless of religion beliefs that needs to be addressed.

As always thank you CC for putting up a post that with an image and few words shouts a very LOUD MESSAGE!

4 thoughts on “FOOD FOR THOUGHT

  1. First of all, the analogy is bunk. No one would sell a gun to someone with the expressed goal of murdering.

    Secondly, this isn’t a retail market dispute. This is about asking the business to engage in the active endorsement and involvement beyond the retail sale at the counter.


    1. I understand your response but that isn’t what this message is conveying.

      Of course no one would sell a gun to help other murders either. There are policies inputed that hopefully help in that but it isn’t perfect either we have to admit that there are some that have fallen through the cracks and has caused innocent people to die.

      Is it the responsibility of the seller that they are responsible of course not, thats why this message is being passes down.

      It is not the responsibility morally or otherwise on the retailer to see how their product is used. They sell a product and service and as long as it doe not effect anyone in a bad way then why are as a society making a big deal out of it?

      Thank you for your comment and for stopping by.

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      1. That is what I said. I’m saying it is being mischaracterized as a retail issue for the cut blurb. Most of these disputes involve bakeries and so forth that are not interested in catering and tailoring their products to ends that violate their beliefs.

        My point is, this is a straw man meme.

        Thank you for posting 🙂

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