To My Mother

You carried me for nine months.You prayed for me for seven years. You always had hope, That one day I would arrive
You taught me how to love, smile and hug. You taught me how to think, rationalize and live. You were and still are my first teacher of life
My Bestfriend, guidance counselor, my rock. Through my childhood you stood beside me. Through my single years you stood with me. Through my pain you gave me comfort. 

Now in my married years you stand beside me. You give me your wisdom and experience of your success as to help me with mine. 

My rock, the one that always has the right words. I Love you Mom

Without you I wouldn’t be who I am

One day doesn’t justify the years of sacrifice and love that you have and continue to give. No words can explain the love and appreciation I have for you.

So I say humbly

Thank you Mamie, I love you Mamie Insha’Allah I have many more years to show you how much I appreciate you.
Happy Mothers Day

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