Our language adventure

Hubby and me have been bouncing around the idea of learning a language. There are two languages that we have been thinking about.. Urdu and Spanish.

Urdu because naturally his family is from Pakistan and well when everyone is together they tend to forget there is one person that doesn’t understand what they are saying… 

Spanish because even thought family makes an effort to talk English it’s hard for my parents and I. My hubby does understand basic Spanish but sometimes we get to excited and go to fast for him. 

At his job most of his workers are Hispanic so they talk naturally in Spanish, my husband feels that maybe this will help him be able to communicate better with them.

So talking about it we finally came to the conclusion. We will learn Spanish first ( refresher for me of course ), so I bought the books in Amazon and should be here by the 16th. 

Insha’Allah by the end of this year I will be having my husband talking, reading and writing Spanish fluently with me and my parents. When we have our kids most likely this home will be a dominate Spanish speaking home.

After we become really fluent we will start learning Urdu, after that we were thinking Japanese. 

I guess this is part of our bucket list I forgot to put on that post lol… I’m so excited I can’t wait!!
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