My Buket list Then and Now

Everyone I’m sure has heard the term Buket List. If you haven’t then hopefully I will be able to explain it in a few words. It’s a list that you write at one point in your life or throughout your life, of experiences or things that you would like to accomplish. Most people like to accomplish their list when they are single. Some people like to have it finished by a certain time frame regardless if they are married or not.

Well I have never actually written my bucket list but I have always known what I wanted to experience and accomplish. Its weird that looking back all these years that I have accomplished so much more then what was on my bucket list. This list in my life have changed but I never realized it would change this much. 

This is my bucket list before I even thought of getting married:

1. Be in Law Enforcement especially the California Highway Patrol: 

I didn’t joing the CHP but I was in the CHP Explorer Post 530 South Los Angeles office since I was the age 15 – 19 year. I experienced DUI stops, Felony stops, drug bust, colliisions some death on scene some just minor traffic collisions. I competed in several regional and state competitions in teams of a 2 unit partner team, swat team. Even though I didn’t wear the badge I experience the lifestyle of an officer and it was a mind blowing experience.
2. Have my own childcare buisness:

Even though I have done my surveys, built my buisness plan I never executed it all the way. The time I was planning this I was still in the military and by the time I got out life just kind of took over and I left it in the back burner.
3. Jump out of a plane:

Even though I got as close to jumping from a plane in the military I have never down it. Even though I have repelled from a plane (not moving or turned on) for training purposes it still gave me that adrenaline rush. I’m sure doing it for real that rush will be even more awesome!

4. Travel the world:

Thankfully with my military job I have been able to travel. Maybe to not all of the exotic places I would have wanted to but I at least have seen very people places, cultures and people.  

5. Join the military specifically the Marine Corps:

I joined the Marine Corps and it was the best 4 years of my life. Even though I couldn’t continue because of my injuriies I don’t regret this decision at all! I did join the Army after to keep my career but unfortunately the Army is nothing like the Marine Corps and I just couldn’t continue. The military is changing and brining in boots that seem to not understand that the military is not a 9-5 job nor is there any individualism or democracy… 
6. Take care of mom and dad:

I was fortunate to help out my mom and dad when they have needed it and Allah (SWT) has blessed us to keep helping them in any way we can. Money isn’t the only way you can help family out..
Now my bucket list has changed

1. Travel: 

This travel I hope to do it with my husband and not by myself. I already did the road trips, spur of the moment vacations and escapades with my friends and by myself. It is time to enjoy my travels with my husband now, to share those moments and experiences with him and Insha’Allah our little ones.

2. Wife and Children:

I never though of being married when I was in the military. Did I have relationships and was I engaged once yes. I always felt if I was married in the military it would be a very difficult to hold on to a mariage and have children, especially when you are constantly being deployed. Now with my King, I am able to give my full attention to him and to our future little family. IThis might not be in everyone’s bucket list but it is in mine.

3. Closer to Allah (SWT):

I lost my faith in a young age, I was mad and it didn’t want to believe in anything. Once I started to believe it was a difficult and slow process for me. I tried many religions but none gave me the feeling as Islam did. Now that I have found my path Insha’Allah I become closer and follow the path he has written for me and my husband. Insha’Allah as the days goes by I hope that my love and faith grows stronger and I am able to meet Allah (SWT).
4. Jump from a plane:

Yes I still want to do this. This will probably be by myself since my husband doesn’t want too, but I’m okay with that and so is his.

5. Owning our buisness:

I no longer wish to have my own child care provider but I am wanting to own out rental property like that I can still stay at home and be with our kids if we have any. Or I can finally replace my husbands income and we can start traveling more often.

6. Publishing my thoughts:

I want to be able and publish my books that I have in mind. Yes Shadow Voices is one of them and I am itching to start my second one too. I also have my poetry that I love creating and this blog that has helped me come out of my shell more and more each day. If I can not get published in the traditional sense I will be looking into self-publishing from amazon, nook and other websites. I have stopped myself to much I can’t do this to myself any more. Insha’Allah this will be a new career for me. It might not be a money making machine but it will be a passion that was lost but found again.

These are my itmes in my bucket list. Is it the “normal” I really don’t know since I have never been normal. Will the list expand most liekly, I lived my single wild days so I don’t fell the need of hanging out with my “girls” or going on vacations by myself. This time I want to share my life with my best friend my husband. I can’t imagine doing things without my husband by my side.
What is on your bucket list? Has it changed, Why? Comment below of your list or if you already posted one then put your link on here. Remeber any comment you put on here feel free to add your link, lets help each other out and meet new bloggers and grow as writers. Plus it is always great to read new post from bloggers from all over the world.

Until Next Time, 


4 thoughts on “My Buket list Then and Now

  1. Now I’m going to have to make a bucket list . . . If you do not mind me asking, what does “SWT” indicate?

    Thank you for sharing. Perhaps I will post on this and then return. Have a wonderful day!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. I’m glad that you liked it. Thank you for reading. Hopefully you will post and link it up here I would love to read it. πŸ™‚

      Of course I don’t mind SWT This means My Lord the most Great. Every time we write or say his name we say these words because for us He is our Lord and Savior so we show him respect by expressing these humbled words.

      Allah (SWT) please forgive me if the information I wrote is incorrect. My intention is to inform your words of faith to the best of my knowledge and ability. – Ameen.

      Please feel free to ask any questions you might have, I’ll gladly answer to the best of my ability.

      Liked by 1 person

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