Stomp the American Flag Challenge Circulating the Web and News 

I’ve been seeing on facebook and the few news I see when I’m with my parents about this woman that gave Americans a “challenge.” To step on the American flag to show that they no longer will be held down by racisim that the flag “represents”. Then looking into it more it seems this originated by students from a university in GA because a student allegdly brought a gun to school. Which one is it I don’t know but this is what I do know.

I am not sure but reading her background it seems that she is college graduate. So she does have an amercian academic background. Saying this I can imagine that she learned that the American flag does not represent oppression or racisim of any kind. It represents the colonies that broke away from British rule and to bring hope of freedom of religion and way of life.

I also understand that the African American and other Non-White cultures have been killed, oppressed and not given equal treatment by the governemnet and the people. Now I can’t say that the American nation is racist free or oppressed free. We still have so many obstacles to overcome and I think as long as you have people that keep on sticking to their sterotypes and believing rumors then this will never end. I also know that if you are just doing this challenge because of a student allegdly brought a gun to school then I truly don’t get it.

I am not excusing her actions nor the actions of the people that follow her. Lets face it, through out the years people have taken their freedom to new heights. Isn’t that what these men and women that swear to protect their nation die for? Is that not what freedom mean? You can express yourself in any form as long as you do not intentionally incite a civil unrest or are being a terrorist.

In a way her and her demeanted followers are practicing their rights that the constitution and this nation has represented since the colonies started. Even in front of soldiers, government officials she and others have the right to spit, walk on, burn or do with the flag as they please.  Now in the 70’s the flag was seen burned by the peace in love generation, in the 80’s the flags or images of the flags were worn in fashion such as bikinis, shorts, tang tops, jeans, etc.. People have put the flag on their walls, picture fames, cars, coffee mugs and other several items and it never caused an uproar or shock as this.

In the end her cause is flawed; see if we look at our history books we can refresh our memories what the American flag represents.

50 stars: For every state

13 stripes: for the first 13 colonies to declare independence to British hold

Red: Hardiness and Valour

White: Purity and Innocence

Blue: Vigilance, perserverance and justice

Now I’m in no means a college graduate nor do I profess to be a history buff. Could this information be wrong it might. This is what not only taught in my school years but also in my Marine Corps bootcamp. Yes when you go to bootcamp it isn’t only for the guns and grunt work. You get taught the military history of the United States so you know the reason you will kill or be killed if you ever had too.
People can go ahead and debate that she is right or wrong by doing this and telling her to leave the country because she is disrespecting our flag. I’m sorry but to me she is using her constitutional rights to express what she feels is a justified cause. Unfortunately she is representing her cause in a very mix way, the flag in no way represents oppresion or racisim. If that is what se is meaning then maybe she should get the flag that the KKK uses or the flag the Southern states used when slavery was being practiced. 

My personal feeling is she is a very stupid woman that is using a symbol of freedom that not only gives her the right to do what she is doing but also is causing her to have thousands if not millions of people to wish her harm. This unintentionally can cause a civil unrest and can get people hurt. I wish I could say I can excuse or find validity in her because she does not have any academic background but being a college graduate she should know better on how to use her resources to make her cause heard in a better way. Plus the different youtube videos I have seen about the cause is also very confusing, is it because of the gun or is it because of racisim? Make up your mind.

What do you all think? Do you believe she is right or wrong, do you think she should leave this country?  What could she have done to better help her “cause”? 

Please voice your opinions I’ll really like to hear them.

Until Next Time,


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