Our Spanish Books are Here!!

So Our Spanish books just came in today! I’m so excited!

Looking over the book it seems to be challenging even for me. I have not study the spanish nouns, aritcles and adjectives, or the Estar, ser and subject pronouns in a VERY long time. I good refresher course for me, so I’m sure I will be learning new things with this book as well.
Now I just have to wait until hubby gets home from work and set up a schdule on when to study and a deadline to finish each chapter. Having our own books I know it will be easier to handle. Can’t Wait!!
Until Next Time,


12 thoughts on “Our Spanish Books are Here!!

    1. Thank you, I actually think Spanish is a bit harder since you have the infinitive and the feminine and masculine words lol.. An I was taught Spanish since I was a kid by my parents lol…

      I just hope the lessons they taught me kicks in once we start studying again, if not I’ll go to my parents for help lol..


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