Ramadan and my new goals

Ramadan is almost here!!

About a month to go and our yearly religious holiday begins.  We will fast not only physically but spiritually as well.

This Ramadan I will put only two goals for myself to complete: 

1. Pray my daily prayers more often 

2. Read the Quran more often and reflect on it. (Journalist my thoughts and my interpretation of what I read)

In the past I had months or weeks that I was doing good then all of a sudden I just stop. Then it takes me awhile to get back to it. I want that roller coaster to stop. 

I know a couple of years ago I started praying for Ramadan then I slowly continued to do it even afterwards. I even started to wear the hijab because I thought it didn’t make sense to keep putting it in for my prayers. 

Once we moved locations I just stopped wearing the hijab and then I slowly stopped stopped going to the Friday prayer at the mosque and praying at home. 

This Ramadan I am hoping to find a mosque close to us so I can go to the Friday prayers and to also find a mentor or at least a group of Muslim sisters for support. I used to have a mentor that we would meet a couple times a month and she would put small goals for me. She encouraged me when I felt I was failing.  Maybe with a closer mosque I can find some sisters that we could support each other… Not all mosque have these types of programs so I know it will be difficult to find

I already went to one close by and well it’s great for the men but unfortunately for us women our space is very small, we can’t see the imam when he is speaking. Well it’s through a television but there is no closeness or unity that I felt at my mosque.

I have one more mosque to go to that is a bit farther then the one I looked at last but still closer then my mosque. It seems that they are a bigger facility and the website they have it seems that they might be a bit more into having programs for sisters. It seems that they are a community that has unity not separation.

So today since I haven’t been able to sleep I have been thinking about this. Since next week I will have my own car I will be able to go out a bit more and explore different mosque around the area.

Insha’Allah I find one I feel that I belong too. I know that in the Quran it states that we the female gender are not obligated to go, we can pray at home and read a part of the Quran to satisfy the Friday prayer. I like going to the Friday prelates though..

So for this Ramadan I am hoping to be able to fast both physically and spiritually. Insha’Allah I get the guidance and the strength to complete and continue my prayers and spiritual readings.

For my Muslim Sisters and Brothers out there… If you set a goal for Ramadan what would it be??

Until Next Time,

L. K. 

6 thoughts on “Ramadan and my new goals

    1. Salam,

      Insha’Allah you will be able too. I remember doing taraweeh last year hopefully I find a mosque that does it this year where we are living now.. I wish you the best and make dua for you to complete your goals. 😉

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