Filthy Riches – Reality TV I Like

Hubby and me just started looking at this show called Filthy Riches on Netflix. This is a series about people that work for themselves, they might not be millionaires but they make enough to live the lifestyle they want.

There’s a fisherman that catches eels and then there is a family that hunts for ginseng root. There is also a couple that hunt for mushrooms.

Now I really like the couple that hunts for wild mushrooms, I didn’t know that there are some that actually taste like chicken meat while others goes well with soups.

They usually sell them in farmers market so I’m thinking that I am going to look for some recipes and buy me some. I already have tried the button ones and the Portobello mushroom.  Now it’s time to venture out and try something different, they seem to be a bit expensive but sometimes you need to venture out once in awhile.

I can say these families are living an American Dream, they are working their passion and in their own terms. To live season to season must be really hard for them but it seems that they are doing well. Not only that but the legacy they are leaving behind is something not all families have.

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