In Remembrance of the Fallen (Writing Silence May 22 – 26)

As you notice by the title I will not be on the internet these days. I hope that everyone has a safe and very enjoyable Memorial Day
You sign on the doted line

You agreed to be away from family

You knew you might not come home one day
Years have passed and we still remember

The ultimate sacrifice you paid

For us a nation to yell and say

We are Free, We are Free!
No amount of Thank You’s can bring you back

Your families will miss you even if you died for a great cause

You changed our lives and we can’t ever express

The Thank You’s of your sacrifice
So with these humbled words

I am one of a million that will say

Thank you for serving, for sacrifice

Because of you
Our bell still rings

Our freedom still exist

With many generations 

That will continue in your footsteps
Happy Memorial Day!!

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