The Busy Bee!!

Hello everyone!! Good to be back! Well our mini-vacation went great!! Honey and me splurged saw friends and family and still had a little bit of “us” time that we really needed. 

We came back, but I have been busy running errands and getting some things done around the house and such. Sorry I have not posted anything recently.

I’m finding a new routine right now since I actually got a car!! Yes we were able to get the car his family promised us! I love it! Plus I feel really special because the car was the first car my honey bought when he started at his first job! So this car is truly special for me!! It’s name is Oliver!!! Yes hubby named it that’s how much he loves this car.

As of now we are still using Oliver because our other car needs to have its 60k service done and we need to get the sticker. Unfortunately the sticker was sent to our old address so now we have to walk in to DMV to get a duplicate…

ANYWHO…. I’ve been dealing with a bit of everything so it’s kept me busy. I am also getting ready for a small dinner with friends this weekend and then start my prep work for Ramadan..

Love you guys!! And I will get caught up on reading all of your amazing post soon!!!
Until Next Time

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