I  Need you, I am praying to You

I seek your guidance, I seek to be in your refuge

I beg for forgiveness, I beg for a smother path

I sometimes feel abandon, like my pleas I feel

They go unanswered
You show you are there I refuse to see

You speak to me and I have wanted to stay deaf

You caress me and I pull away from your embrace
I have hope and I know you are there

I fight with myself to keep believeing

I know I walk the path you have written for me
It’s hard to keep you in my heart

I feel pain and I know yours is greater

You have never forsaken me 

But I have forsaken you once to many times
I know your there

I know you haven’t abandoned me

I know I just need to reach with my hand

This fustration, pain and doubt I walk in

Confuses me
In the end I know your there

You havent forsaken me

I will not turn away from you again

I know you have my pain, my confusion, my doubt

I know you feel it more then I
I beg you, I implore to you

Let this pain, confusion and doubt subside

Help me in my darkess hour

I see your light

bright and pure
Thank you

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