Six Years of Marriage, Seven of Dating & Eight of knowing of each other

My love,

From the moment that I knew of you to the moment I met you to the day that I married you and to this present day. All I can say is that I love you more each passing day.

With all of our struggles and all of our tears we have made it through all these years. My forever rock my teamate my partner. No matter what life brings we will see them through side by side.

For all of our teasing, the giggling and laughter we share, there is noone that i would rather share my laughter than with you. Even though your pranks may cause a annoying spark it always becomes a spark of laughter that has tears running down our faces and pain shooting on our sides.

I knew of you, I met you and then I married you. I Waited 28 years to meet my soulmate, my other half. Yes, you my lovely husband my King;  only you can make me feel conplete.

Six years of marriage, seven years of dating and 8 of knowing of each other. Some might not know our full story but our love has shined and grown and can be seen by all.

My love, my King  mí vida y esperanza, I write to you to thank you for being by my side and giving my your love. May Allah (SWT) grant us to be together until we are covered in wrinkles and still be full of love and zest for life as we are now.

Allah (SWT) has granted us these years of matrimonial bliss. This year he blessed us to go on a anniversary vacation. This has been longed for since we couldn’t have a honeymoon nor go on an actual vacation. This year marks a passage of blessings that Insha’Allah will keep coming for us.

With all of My Love,

Your Loving Wife

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