Our Vegas Trip

Okay went on another vacation. This time most pictures are with faces so I will not be posting up too much. We did however had an amazing time!

We went to Las Vegas and with my hubby best friend me went to the famous Toy shack. If You are a fan of the television reality show ”Pawn Stars” then you know about who I am talking about. will my hubby bought my Alf. Here are a few pictures of the Toy Shack :





from there we visited The mob musem:


not to many since most have faces on it. From there hubby and I took a walk though the strip. It really isn’t as I remembered when my parents took us when we were Kick. From the strip we walked to the Bellagio Hotel.



Very beautiful hotel, they even had a chocolate fountain!

will one thing we learned is that we are not a couple that gambles and we do don’t feel the urge to drink anymore.

we do like Vegas and we maybe will come again to visit but it is not our “go to” vacation spot.

Until next time,


4 thoughts on “Our Vegas Trip

  1. I’m sorry if this novice of me but I have been researching more about Islam and I have found your blog really insightful! So thank you for that! However I noticed in your post you mention how you don’t feel the urge to drink anymore. Is there a part of Islam that allows you to drink Alcohol? Sorry if I have offended you I’m just trying to understand.


    1. Hi Michelle,

      Thank you for stopping buy and I am glad that you have found the information on Islam insightful.
      I am a revert and my husband before meeting me use to not practice Islam as it should. We both started reading the Quran and there is a verse that states the alcohol is forbidde. U would have to do some research and will come back so you can see it. There is also a verse stating in the Quran that we are forbidden to inject any substance that is harmful to our bodies…

      Our interpretation of these verses (May Allah (SWT) forgive me if I misunderstood these versus), not only define alcohol but it also includes smoking, or any form if narcotics or medication that is miss-used.

      If you have any more questions please feel free to ask. I will do my best to answer them. Please remember that these are my understanding of Islam I might be mistaken. Also if you have not been told Islam is based on your intentions. If you intention of every action or thought is for Allah (SWT) and for good I’m sure you will be following the path that is meant for you.

      Allah (SWT) please forgive me if this information is incorrect, my intention is to give information of your light and guidance as I understand it.


      1. Hi again,

        Thanks for your response. I guess my question was more of did you stop drinking when you became a revert? Sorry if it too intrusive I am just contemplating the same decision. I grew up around a few Muslims and I guess I always assumed all Muslim were forbidden to drink. I was just wondering if you just no longer had the urge or if you stopped because the Koran says to?

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        1. Hi,

          I stopped because I just did not see the reason as to way I should. I guess you can saw I “grew” out of that phase. Afterwards is where I read in the Quran that is forbidden. I know of a few born Muslims that do drink and/or smoke… It doesn’t make them any less Muslims.

          You should follow Islam as to your understanding. One thing I learned about being a revert is that a lot of Muslims mix their culture with Islam. As a revert you don’t have those intanglements so it is a bit easier to see which idea is the culture and which is the religion.

          I hope I was able to answer your question, and again forgive me if I have caused you any confusion that is not my intention.

          Allah (SWT) please forgive me if what I have just wrote is wrong, only you know the true meaning of your words.


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