Scared of Changes

I need some opinions here… I know I said I will be doing some changes here… I haven’t done them because I’m actually scared of changes…

I love my writing and slowly I have been deleting my post of Shadow Voices. The only reason is because those post are really raw and I’m in the process of editing them. For those that have been here awhile, yes I’m still editing.

Other post of ranting and/or what I consider whining I am taking down as well.

My post about marriage, creative writing, traveling and finances I am planning on keeping them. Of course I want to go over them and correct any mistakes they have.

I also want to introduce post on cooking and sewing. So I guess my blog will no longer be of just “writing.”

Now saying all of this I believe I need a new title for my blog… in the next few days I might be posting a few suggestions and would love to have some feedback from you all.

I don’t want to erase this blog and start fresh, I can say that this blog has way more follows and communication then my earlier unsuccessful blogs.

If any of you have any feedback that could help please feel free to comment me.

Until Next Time,


2 thoughts on “Scared of Changes

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