Book Reading: Islam Beliefs and Teachings By:Ghulam Sarwar

With everything that is going on in this word, after 6 years of owning this book that my father-in-law gave me when I reverted to Islam. I am finally going to open it and read it.

Not that my faith is faltering, but sometimes you need to further Your understanding and gain more knowledge in your faith.

This book is an actual work book. As I go I will put the questions and my answers. I don’t see an answer section so i will be talking to oter Muslims or Imams if I can to see if I am understanding the literature correctly. Hopefully my understanding of Islam will grow more.

If any of you have any inout, suggestions or thoughts about any of this please feel free to comment. I love talking to all of you.

Here are a few pictures on how the book looks like with the talk of content.







Here are the lessons Questions:


Until next time,

12 thoughts on “Book Reading: Islam Beliefs and Teachings By:Ghulam Sarwar

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  2. This is a comment from one of my followers I do not know how to edit comments so I will be typing part of her comment on here since there is information on her original comment she does not want shown to the public.

    “I want to tell you Muslim Latina that you have always held a special place in my heartin the way that you are so bold and open in sharing you faith on your blog. I find it very brave in light of the past few years. Especially now.

    As you know, I do not consider myself religious. But I respect others beliefs for themselves.

    I love how you pointed out that all religions have extremists that cause terror. Because this is very truee. I admire how you handle people and again open up about your faith. I am somewat torn about tthe nature of brining Syrians into the country. I know this is not about your post. But I thought you migght have a thought on it. It is not because I have no compassion, and I know you will know this.

    One, there are people who are suffering many places from the wars and ISIS. Two, I do not feel that wwe can truly know who is a danger and who is not. I think that we should be helping to properly fund better housing for them in safe locations where they are, out of danger. As well as the others sufferingg.

    I personally feel, that the US has been funding ISIS as well. You will probably not agree. I do not believve what our governmnent tells us. If you do not want this part on your blog. Please feel free to eddit this out. I also feel that our droning is a terrorist act by killing innocents. (feel free to edit this)

    I just feel that we could help in more efficient ways without having to have security risks to deal with. I ddon’t want to not help, but we should have common sense. I would like to know what your feelings arre on this.

    If you do not want to put this through openly. I would still like to know… (ommited information)… as I woould love to know how you feel. It is important to me.

    Again, blessings and I greatly admire you.

    Much love, CC”


    1. CC,

      You are an amazing friend and supporter not only of my blog but of the person that I am. Even though we have never met I feel that our friendship is has become stronger as we keep this open communication with each other. Thank you my friend. To answer your questions:

      1. Bringing in refugees: I am very conflicted on this topic. For one my upbringing (without the religious eemotion involved) I say lets bring as many as we can. The reason because I am an “Anchor” baby. My parents and well as my two sisters came to this beautiful country as illegal immagrants. So I do not see how I can refuse others that are trying to better themselves since my parents did the same. Second, as a Muslim AND the teaching of my Catholic background God has taught to “help thy neighbor” to help the needy and see past any prejudices or fear I might because God will punish the unjust and protrect the his flock. So again it is hard for me to say least refuse to help them. AS a veteran of the United States and seeing the damage that is being done to not only my country but the world, I believe we need to implement stricter policies and intensive background checks to let ANYONE enter this country. I understand there is fear, what people do not understand that these Terroorist (I refuse to put the label of Islam because they are not following it correctly in my eyes), also have killed other Muslims that do not follow their doctroine. I and my husband and his family are also in fear because we do not follow them so we are also now targets for them. I refuse to believe wee close our borders to people that are being killed Muslims and Non-Muslims alike. I do not like the ffact that our government is helping others while our own people need help. So in the end yes I believee we should take in refugees but it doesn’t mean I do not recognize that unfortunately there willl be bad apples in the bunch.

      2. If we put them in a “safe” location are we not repeating the same thing we did to the Cubans runningg from Castro or the Japanese after pearl harbor. I understand we are in fear but again we as aa country need to find better solutions than making the same mistakes we have done before. We knoow it didn’t work then how would that work now….

      3. I am not blind amount the funding. If people would do proper reasearch we know that the first Bush Administration trained Al-Qeada and from there all these terror cells have grown from. We sent our oown troops ( There are video footage to prove this) to train these individuals. That is why it is so hardd to defeat them, they know our own moves. We are training other groups in diffeent parts of the wworld and I’m sure years from know we will have a problem with that too… ITs a trickle effect and unffortunately we have done and/or started some of these horrific terrorist outburst.

      In the end I believe that ene though we fear foriegn terrorist we are not realizing that we also have homie grown terrorist ( not just Middle Eastern or Muslims but Caucasian, African American descent tto many other races and religions), that are targeting innocent people that have no fault into what these groups are doing. I will not point a finger nor will I turn a blind eye to what is happening. If I needd to defend my country I will proudly go back to active duty, I will gladly give my life for my countryy and my people.

      This country has given my family and me amazing opportunities to have a fruitful life, This country wass built on immigrants in pursuit of freedom to live life with their beliefs and cultures (as long as it dooesnt hinder orthers). It is hard to balance this since there is always a majority and minority and we will never truly attain cohesiveness unless everyone puts their differences aside.

      The last thing I believe we are all forgetting is that every singel American Citizen, Nationalized Citien aand Permenant Residents that this country massacred Native Indians in order to achieve this “Americcan Dream” the “Land of the Free”. We forgive ourselves by saying we gave them their “land” wwe made “retribution” for me there is never real retribution when we annihilated tribes that no longer exist, we gave them “land” and fogot and still forget to give them benefits we take advantage of or sayy immigrants do not deserve….

      I hope I answered your questions fully.

      Thank you again my friend for giving me support and being able to have an open dialouge with you.

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      1. Thank you so much for your perspective on this, Muslim Latina. Thank you for taking it with the respect it was asked. I am so glad we have this friendship as well.

        You answered my question and more with such thoughtful and good points. I am still so torn. I see all of your such well thought out and very heart felt points.

        I wanted so much your perspective. I respect it very much. Thank you. It gives me much to think about.

        I am not sure that I was meaning the same thing as the camps you were talking about with the Japanese and Cubans, but to rebuild what they have lost. I am possibly thinking of something that is impossible to do. I hate these wars. I agree about the policies and background checks for anyone. Of course, anyone. Safety is at a heightened level.

        I have compassion and empathy for everyone effected. My heart has been broken for years. Everyone has been failed.

        Thank you for your points about Al-Queda. thank you for that. It is something that has been heavy on my heart for years and years and now, it is something I find very hard to deal with. Perhaps, I will have to step back from it. I am too emotional.

        I am very glad that you have had a good life here with your family. I will always value your outlook on everything. Your opinion on things is something I value greatly. Even if we may not always agree.

        You are a beautiful person, if someone cannot see that, that is their loss. I have learned beautiful things from you and what you teach of how you practice your religion.

        Thank you for all of that and taking the time to answer all of this. Your reply was one of the best I have read overall. You have such a varied background. Which is why I so wanted to ask you. Blessings to you my dear, loving friend.



        1. You are welcome my friend and I am glad that I was able to answer your questions. I value your thoughts as well and look forward to many more.

          Have a wonderful weekend and as always I’m sending you good vibes and energy.

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  3. Islam is NOT a religion of peace! Recommended reading “The Life of Muhammad” written by the Muslim historian Ibn Ishaq in 768 AD. The book gives an accurate picture of Muhammad… The very violent and aggressive military commander who fought and killed neighboring tribes into submission.


    1. I apologize if you are offended. My blog is for a peaceful dialouge and open minds. If you cannot do that then I would appreciate you taking your hate somewhere else.

      You are called Christ Centered Teaching, I would imagine that there are staff in this organization that studies the Lord words and has an understanding of acceptance and peaceful dialouge.

      May God bless you and enlighten you. Goodbye.


        1. Why would I hate you? Just because you do not have my beliefs does not mean I hate you. If that is your truth then so be it. As I said my blog is for a peaceful dialouge. We can go back an fourth of what many writers have done books and we will never end to have writers that show only one side to another. I hate what these men have down bit it is not my religion. My religion the one that I follow the one that I write on this blog is of peace, acceptance and for growth in my faith. If you are keep replying with agrressive words I will discontinue this conversation.

          The truth is Judism, Christianity, Islam, Buddhism and many other religions have people that are extremist and cause terror. Some of these Holy books have violent versus and a violent history. No religion is free of that… what we as individual’s and as a community choose to respond to these monsters show the level of faith and acceptance that we are taught about our religion.

          Again if you would like to have an open dialouge I welcome it, if you have questions I welcome them but if you choose to keep stating Islam is violent and insult my faith I will no longer approve or keep indulging you in this conversation.


    2. By the way I do have the book that talks about the prophet Muhammad: A story of God’s Messenger and the Revelation that changed the world. by Deepak Chopra

      Isbn: 978-0-06-178243-5

      I got mine at Barnes and Noble…


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