Welcome to my Personal life on Instagram

I am about to venture and open up even more. This is part of the changes I was talking about in previous post a few weeks ago. I love my privacy, I believe there are so many sick people out there that will take images of others and twist them to fit their needs.

I believe I have slowly been venturing to this path but I have been dreading it. I can say I am not 100% sure if I still want to do this but if you want change and you put yourself out there then you might as well doing it all the way. Slowly I have posted pictures of our travels but none with faces. My husband loves his privacy but lately if I post anything with him on it I get his permission first. 

Stating this I am not going to be flooding this blog with person pictures of us or my family. If you would like to “see” me and a bit more of my personal life I just opened up to the public my Instagram account. Sorry I did have a facebook but I just deactivated it and that was waay to personal…

So the name of my Instagram is Mrs.lyk and the name on my pictures or how you can “talk” to me on there is a_loving_wife
I welcome you to my life with open arms even though I fear this might bite me in the a@s afterward… Some things you just need to take the leap…

Until Next Time,

Liza Khan (yes finally this is my real name displayed here)

12 thoughts on “Welcome to my Personal life on Instagram

      1. lots of people up in arms about the muslims now, I have to admit, I am pretty upset about a lot of what they’ve been doing lately, also I read the koran and just simply can’t understand why ANY female would be muslim, I’m very surprised you chose that at such an age

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        1. Your right the Quran has versus that are frightening just as when I was a child and the Bible also had versus that are frightening. In Islam as a woman I have more rights then any other religion would give us.

          For example, I choose to work or not and what ever money I gain is mine to us as I see fit. I do not have to give it to my husband nor do I have to help him pay the bills because that is HIS responsibility. I choose to wear the hijab or not that is my faith and my decision alone. My husband cannot obligate me to wear it or not..

          I can go on of the many rights I have learned that the woman have in Islam. When you here about woman being oppressed that is the mans doing. Or if you here them saying the Shariah says it so they follow it… I’m sure you have read it in the Quran as I have that it states that a Muslim only follows the Quran if a Hadith, Sunnah or any other “reference” (to include Shariah) oppose or is opposite from the Quran you do not follow that ruling. We only follow the Quran.

          Every religion has its negatives and positives, I followed Islam after searching through many religions and none called me as Islam did. My family were scarred why, because what they hear on the news and other people… Not all Muslims are extremist.

          I have a husband that loves me, respects me and wants me to be happy. Like he always references the Quran, I am his blanket and I am his, he treats me as if I’m a fragile flower that will break any second and he handles me with care…

          To me actions speak louder then any words being said or written. If you like look around my blog I have a few post about prayers, my experience as a Muslim and I am now slowly copying the Quran onto the web so people that want more knowledge or curious can read.

          I am open to answer any questions that you might have on any topic.

          Thank you for taking the time to come to my humbled blog and I hope you will be kept entertain with the various topics I have on here.

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          1. Thank you for taking the time to reply like that.Yes, I agree the bible is also pretty terrible when it comes to women (and a lot of other issues). I have never been a follower, it makes no sense to me. I think I would probably be a buddhist or maybe a pagan if I HAD to pick a religion to belong to.
            It sounds like you found a wonderful husband. I hope you both are happy together and don’t let religion stand in your way.
            Anyway, I am not religious at all. I have found a much better way for me. It makes sense and I’m much happier with it. I just believe live and let live and THIS life is what’s important. If there’s something else later, then no regrets.
            Nice talking to you.

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            1. I am glad that I was able to answer your question. Thank you for asking and taking the time to view my blog.

              True religion without the personal connection is very conflicting and confusing. It can be scary to people that do not have the willingness to just take in information then think it over to decide…

              I agree with you pagan and Buddhist is more in sync with energy and vibrations. You don’t have a lot of harshness in it, I also research these to paths when trying to find my faith..

              Thank you he is an amazing husband, I’m one lucky woman. We live our life as you stated live and let live, being a decent human being to one another and to others. Our religion is our faith and it is intertwined with our way of life. We continue to seek guidance to the path of spiritual growth and will follow it together or separately which ever way is meant for each of us.

              It was a blessing to have such an engaging conversation.

              Again Thank You for stopping by. I hope you have a great weekend.

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