Let’s turn it around and Fight Back

I’ve been gone for a few.. well with my hubbies buisness trip taking us out of town and I starting on my projects I have been busy.

Last week was a sad.. if you didn’t hear (not sure since I have not read any post about), the city of San Bernardino, California a hospital that specializes in helping families of special needs patients was attacked. I know everywhere in the world terrorist are going and noone is safe.

That same week in Las Vegas, Ca three different Catholic churches had four men come in while they were at mass stating “the Pope is the devil” and “turn to Jesus he is your saviour”. Now I was born a Catholic and the religion does believe in Jesus and that he is the son of God and that he is the saviour. I do not understand these “Christians” protesters since to me it seems they are attacking people that have a very similar faith as them.

Today on the radio I heard that the Los Angeles school district here in California received and electronic bomb threat. So today all the schools were shut down..

The world is coming undone and I know pitting out negativity brings negativity, maybe instead of letting these negative groups succeed in dividing us all we fight back.

We fight back by going to a Church, Mosque, Temple or any house of worship and have an opened mind to learn and accept each other. It’s okay to question, to fear the unknown but let’s stop letting fear freeze us into dividing ourselves further.

Let’s fight back by volunteering, going to our own houses of worship and try to set up an Interfaith event. Yes some are already out there but we need more. Let’s unite with love, acceptance and kindness.

We all have been created by ONE, regardless how we follow or practice I truly believe all religions teach us on thing…

Acceptance, to be kind to one another. Let’s turn off our electronics for 1 or w hours each day and have actual family time. Read the Bible, Torah, Quran not individually but as a family. Let the kids ask questions, you ask questions and do your research.

Let’s not forget that our pastors, minister, preacher or imam are the know all of our religion. A person that cannot accept a different way of thinking may not be the source you want to put all of your trust in. In the end they are men and woman just as us and are flawed. We are not perfect nor will we ever be.

Let’s fight with love and spread hope. Let’s put hope and dreams back into our own homes and slowly filter it out.

If you see someone that has less then you, would it hurt giving them something that you have an abundance of. One plate now days can feed two to three people.. let’s remember that gluttony is a sin.

I’m not saying let’s not have fun but let’s also not forget there are many out there that could use a smile, hug, and ear to be heard, a shoulder to cry on.

We can’t fix the world overnight, let’s be that whisper and fix it one person at a time..

Until Next Time,


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