My projects

I have been kept busy and this week is just as busy Alhamdulilah!!

I have been trying to get away from social media and for two months I think I have been successful. I don’t feel as negative anymore nor do I feel like I’m not accomplishing anything

Here are a few pictures of projects that I have been doing. If you would like to see more of my life in pictires please follow me on @a_loving_wife.


I have been trying my green thumb and I think I am being succesful. My seeds sprouted… well only two of them and I transferred them to a small pot to see if they keep growing.. so far I do not see anything so I’m hoping I didn’t kill them…


My very first Crochet project. It took my about 2 months and it isn’t the best but I believe for being my first one I did great. My hubby started using it immediately since it is getting colder here.


I have completed two more blankets. These are gifts for a friend that had twins. Yes she had a boy and girl!! They are very simple but they are better then my first one. U have to pack them today and send them tomorrow since it is raining so hard I don’t want to risk getting them wet.

I still have two more baby blankets to do which I’m working on now and hopefully finish this week.

I am loving this a bit more then the sewing especially since I can work o this pretty much anywhere. I guess with the sewing machine that I have I’m getting frustrated since it keeps messing up the thread..

So I have not forgotten you my precious wordpress world. I have just been taking a back seat and working some angles that Insha’Allah will benefit our life here at home. Once everything is settled and done I’ll let everyone know what it is..

Until next time,

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