Pictures of Hobbies

Here’s a snippet of my world.. working on getting paperwork done, doing research and Insha’Allah soon I can finally open the doors to the public about my shhh secret project..

Here’s a bit of pictures of my hobbies…


My camouflage Throw is finally done. It is 58″ X 53″. It is nice a warm, it took me a total of one month (1 1/2 weeks active time). I’m really proud on how it came out.


This is my second project that I am working on right now. This one is a big bigger then the camouflage one but I am having fun making it…

It you want to see more pictures of my hobbies look for me on Instagram!

I am giving writing a bit of a break as you can tell. I have to keep my focus and keep my momentum. As I said before Insha’Allah if everything works out well then I will be able to finally tell the world!!

Until Next time

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