Finally Success

So a couple of months ago I posted a picture of some seeds that I was trying to grow. Well there hasn’t been an update because I was not successful in germinating them.

But I didn’t give up, I kept planting seeds. Now I bought different seeds and they have been successful! Here is a picture of my babies!!


This past weekend we bought two more pots for the little ones on the silver tray. There are three different kind of plants I’m growing right now. Cilantro, spinach and basil. I germinated two seeds for each plants as you can see my cilantro I think I might have mistakenly put two seeds in the pod so I can’t do anything about that one the other ones though are just one plant in each pot. I’m so happy!! Now the work on keeping them alive!! Insha’Allah they keep growing. I’ll update in a couple of weeks on their progress.

I have also started another batch of seeds. This time one is Jalapeños and dill. Hopefully they germinate, I can’t wait to keep growing my balcony garden!

I am close to finishing off my crocheting blanket. I showed you all a couple of months ago my beginning progress of it. Well here is the almost completed blanket. I just need two more strips and to make a border and I’ll be done.


So, the project that I keep bringing up that I don’t want to talk about but can’t wait to tell you all..

I am going to open up my own Etsy online shop!! I have been getting legal advice and now I’m in the process of getting all the logistics into place. For now I will only be selling locally but once my Etsy Shop is open I’ll expand nationally and hopefully globally. I just need to make sure things are done right and I get more blankets done so you all have nice options of blankets and other items to choose from.

I hope to come back to my writing world soon I have so much to say. I just want to focus on my shop and get that going.. wish me luck!! 🙂

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