My crafting adventures.

Sooo… I have been on vacation because of EID! So EID MUBARAK to everyone that celebrates it.

My birthday was that week as well so I had a great week! Alhamdulilah a beautiful and relaxing week.

Now that I’m home I haven’t been feeling well. I have started on a crochet project and have started a sewing project.

Yes my Daddy finally got the piece he needed and the sewing machine is amazing!

So yesterday I bought the rest of the materials I needed for my head towels. Today I decided to finish one at least. 

It didn’t come out perfect but I was close to it. So I can’t wait to make more tomorrow. 

These head towels are from recycled towels from our home don’t use any more.

Let me know what you think? 
The makeup is by chance, I haven’t taken it off yet lol..

Here is a little video of it..

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