A history of Hubby, me and a bit about our blog

A’Salamu Aliekum!!


OK so I know there are many, MANY blogs out there on Muslim’s and Islam that quiet frankly are really redundant. So… Why you ask Have I named this blog a Muslim Latina, well here is your answer. I’m an US Born and raised Latina (my parents are from Guatemala), with an American (Los Angeles) attitude. Β I was born a Catholic, lost my “religious” way at 15 years of age. Did not find my “religious” path until the age of 28, with the help of my Husband (then friend only) I found Islam. The rest as they say is History!

Hubby is a Pakistani born sexy mother watch your mouth (lol love that!!) Β He came to the U.S of A when he was 4 years old. He is a U.S National (due to his amazing parents), but has a totally American mindset (more then me!!!). He is a born Muslim and for a while he lost his way too. When we met he had started to practice Islam again. The rest as the say is History!

We were both introduced by mutual friends, had a beautiful short friendship, dated and rapidly fell in love. We decided the best way thing to do since we were in love is to just get married… We did!! Now for 6 years and counting (Alhamdulilah) we have had ups and downs (mostly ups) but in the end we both work hard to make our marriage work.

This blog will be mostly about our sporadic lifestyle (mostly mind with some guest post of hubby). We will tell the past, present and our future dreams. The tribulations and joyous moments in our life. If interested strap your self to your sit and follow along!!

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