Goodbye A Muslim Latina hello Hook and Sew by Liza!

Hello everyone,


I hope everyone is doing well. After careful thought I have decided to close my blog. It was a difficult decision but I am trying to get my business running and do marketing and I can’t do two blogs. I will keep this blog up for a couple of weeks.

So it is not a goodbye from wordpress, just a shift on blogs, from a personal one to a business one.

My new website will be about my business projects that I am currently working on. With links to my Etsy store, Facebook page and tibit’s on all things crocheting and sewing inspirations. I hope that you will follow me there and I look forward to bringing you not only pictures but videos of my handcrafted items.

I will post an introduction next week. Here is my new blog link though..



Hope to see you all there!


Thank You and Welcome

I have noticed that I have gain some new followers and have lost some too. THANK YOU and WELCOME to my new readers, and Thank You to the ones that have stayed. I will try to Keep you entertain with my many off the wall ideas, life events and anything else that might pop into my head.

If any of you (old and new) have any suggestions please feel to contact me.

In the upcoming weeks I will be changing a few things around here. I hope you like the changes.

Until Next time,

I’ve Accomplised my Goal! – Thank You Readers!!


I have met my goal; remember when I posted A new goal for a Muslim Latina blog will you help? I said that I wanted to reached 1,600 views by the end of the year? We did it!! Yes WE DID IT! If it wasn’t for your follows and coming back to read my blog over and over again I would not have reached this goal so soon.

So Thank You dear followers, if it wasn’t for your continued support I wouldn’t have made it this far. My new goal for the end of this year is 1,700 views. Insha’Allah we will get there together.



I will strive to keep giving you post that are interesting, informative or just entertaining. I hope that you keep me in your reader list for many more years to come! For all of you that just recently added me onto your reader list I Thank You also! You all have helped me grow even more.

Until Next Time,


A New Goal for A Muslim Latina Blog, will you help?

Looking at my stats I noticed something for the years that I have had my blog. every year it seems I have had more views then the previous years! I’m so happy about that! Because when I look at the daily, weeks and months I get a bit dissapointed..

I know the yo-you effect is because I’m not consistent with posting out here. If I want more views then I need to be posting like crazy and I just can’t do that. Not to say that it can’t be done, I know it can thousands if not million bloggers out there have proven they can knock out so much post while still have a family, job and other events in there life.

Maybe I’m not as motivated, I am happy and proud of what I have accomplished. I’m sure that I will keep going and my stats will improve as the years go by. Right now I just want my views after this year to hit the 1,600 range. Like that in 2016 I will go for more. Sounds dumb maybe but hey it works for me lol.. Knowing how hectic my life can get sometimes I’m okay with this goal.

My second goal will be to see if I can finish this year with 400 comments, I can say talking to other bloggers is great! You guys are literally the only ones I talk to through out the day. Being stuck at home alone for 10 – 14 hours is BORING… Especially when all my errands and chores are done. So I REALLY need to talk to you guys more!


My yearly stats… Almost at 1,600!! I need 400 Comments before the year ends too!!


I’m not really sure which one you are suppose to pay attention to in order to know if you are doing good. I think that by looking at this I’m doing great!! Hey thats my world I’m happy lol….

So will you Ladies and Gents help me with my goal? Help me hit 1,600 views and reach 400 comments? 

Thank You so much for your support!!

Until Next Time,


My Evolution in Blogging and the Blogger that Helped Me

So everyone here or MOST of my follower come from or somehow know of OM. He is the man that I first followed on WP and I don’t regret it one bit. Yes he is a powerblogger in his short time on WP and a couple of months ago he had a bit of trouble with WP.

The reason I’m mentioning him is because I want to thank him. Why? Because reading his blog and taking a few pointers of his I have slowly come out of my shell. I started this blog at the end of 2013, so I have been a blogger on WP for 2 years almost 3. I used to blog on google and I had about 3 or 4 blogs through out those short 2 years.

I didn’t know how to get followers and I made some of the mistakes that OM suggested to NOT MAKE! Shocker for me and a real eye opener. I whined, complained, and when people commented I never responded. I never commented on other bloggers post and I was that silent angry blogger that OM talks about.

When I came to WP I was nervous, I had goals for this blog. For it to be a reflection of my life, thoughts, emotions and to start a platform for my book. I didn’t start writing immediately, instead I browsed bloggers and slowly started to follow bloggers. The first one I did follow was OM, why…. I DON’T KNOW?

He is hilarious, is very blunt, and he gives advice without trying to make himself look like the know it all person. Continually reading his post I say his post regarding power blogging and I got hooked. I knew I didn’t want to become a power blogger and that my priority wasn’t to gain followers QUICKLY. I wanted to gain followers that truly were interested in reading what I had to write about.

I had writers block for a long time, and one thing that WP forced me to do was write! Especially when OM whould state that this is one way to gain followers and get your blog out there. I can say that it worked for me. I am not on here everyday, nor do I post so many post as a power blogger. The post I do put on here are thought of and sometimes in my draft box for weeks until I get the guts to post it on here. 

I know I make other mistakes but in about 2 years I have gain followers and have broken out of my internet “shell”, I venture to new blogs and comment, I make sure I replay to comments on my blog as quickly as possible. If I am not going to be on here for awhile I put it on here because I believe in be courtesy. I don’t know if that is a mistake or not but it works for me.

I have been emotional on here and posted some personal information on what is going on with me life. Yes I used to do that in my old blogs but the difference is that I am not whining or complaining. I am putting the situation and reflecting on what it means to me and how I reacted. 

In the end This blog is my outlet for emotional turmoil, my creativity and to make connections with amazing people that I most likely would never have known. Below are a list of blogs that I love reading! They are inspirational, they have shown me and explained medical issues that I would never have known. 

These are just few of the “original” blogs I started to follow from the very begining or a couple of months in at WP.

– OM

– CCChanel

– Mum C Writes

– A Holistic Journey

This world on WP has open doors for me that google or my own “tactics” never worked. I like OM and I’m not saying he is perfect but he is one blogger that has helped me a lot. I know he never likes for people to say THANK YOU to him… Not sure if thats because he is humbled or just a man that sees no point of using those words…

Regardless THANK YOU OM for your blunt, opinionated ways because it helped me flourished in this amazing internet world!

Growing Slowly but Surely!

I am so happy! I just recieved my 200th follower! I know I have not ever looked at how many followers I have. I have never really focused on getting followers. I have been super happy and through out this whole year I have said Thank you to all of you over and over again.

Today is no different, Thank you for helping me achieve a blog that has you coming back for more. To see an image letting me know that I have gained more followers is motivating and gives me pleasure that my platform is growing. I might not be a powerblogging ( I have learned a few things from them OM especially!!), but using some tips from HIM (you know who!!) has helped me. 

So I want to say once again

THANK YOU FOLLOWERS NEW AND NOT SO NEW! If it wasn’t for you to click that follow button I would not have been able to reach this number.

I also want to thak my followers on TWITTER! Yes, you also deserve recogniztion because looking at my followers I have approx 60 followers since I looked two weeks ago.  So THANK YOU to you guys as well.

For the ones that have not hit the follow button, it is okay. If you come back to read over and over again I can tell by my views and I want to thank you as well. 

Now, I don’t feel good today so I might be out for a couple of days… Seems this weather chang in LA is really getting to me. 

Insha’Allah my blog grows more and I am able to give you guys interesting post for you guys to come back.


Until Next Time,


Finally my reading is Done!

So basically, I have been reading all of my readers post… To me literally 3 hours!! I’m done now!! Wow!

I didn’t realized that I had signed up to that many.. If course I read mostly all of them. I tried commenting on most also..

Well all I can say is I truly enjoy the post I read! Some are funny, inspirational, creepy, informative and all in between!

I have to make sure I keep coming in here more often! Today hopefully I’ll be going to the Apple Store to see if they can fix my iPad Mini.. This iPhone is irritating me! A little screen is really hard to read and type! I know that a lot of people are used to it but I can’t! I have thick thumbs so most of the time I am picking the wrong letters!!

Well hopefully next time I post on here will be with my fixed IPad Mini!

Until Next Time,

Would you follow a Blogger

When you find a good blog and they move to a different media platform would you follow?

Personally in the past I wouldn’t. Why? Simple because I was lazy and didn’t want to put the effort to have to join another media website and all that..

This time though I did. Most of you I’m sure know of OM and his very opinionated ways. He was the first blogger that I actually started to follow.

He also was the blogger where I literally ventured to put my blog on one of his meet and greet post. He is the first blogger that I actually dared to comment my own opinion.

Not only did he in a way “pop my virtual cherry” lol but what I liked about his blog is that he would give advice as to how to form a successful blog to get more readers.

I’m not wanting to be a power blogger as he is but I did like the fact that I learned the mistakes that I made in my precious “blog” lives. Without his help articles I have followers that I interact with often.

So yes if the blogger is worth it then I would follow them to their new web home. Once you find someone that not only is a talented writer but helped you get out of your shell further is worth joining a new media platform.

Now I just have to learn how to link this blog to that one and also will be creating new post on there that will not be on here. Who knows maybe my blog will grow a little bit more..

Until Next Time,

To A New Year of Writing

Here I am again and I want to say. Thank you to everyone that supported me. The ladies that gave me beautiful advice and to my husband. I love writing, I might not be an expert at it, I don’t have any educational background on it (unless you count grade school).

This is where I belong and I truly believe this is where I can be my true self. I don’t hide behind screens, I never did that and never will. I do though love expressing myself in words. I have a knack to express my thoughts more clearly in writing then when I try verbally.

I can’t hide in the closet forever. I can’t worry how other people might take my words, or how they will use them. My husband doesn’t read my blog but I do sometimes read him a few post. Does it mean I will be having him more involve… NO. Why? Because this is my blog, this is my “alone time.” He understands that so why should I stop.

So yes dear followers, I will continue this blog. I will still write to my hearts content. I can’t be afraid anymore and I’m done being afraid. I love writing and it seems that writing loves me. I will not lose my passion again.

So I bid you all a good night and I look forward to filling up my blog with more words that come within my heart, mind and soul.

Until Next Time,